Scholastic Educative projects Summer 2014

This summer smallest of the house they will have the opportunity to make new friendly and to amuse themselves while they learn realising different educative projects from his surroundings, manualidades and other activities.

Meanwhile, the parents can be calm knowing that their hij@s is learning and reinforcing the subjects that have seen at school and that they will learn in the following academic course

Recommended age

The educative projects are thought for children between 5 and 11 years

Schedule and Price

The projects will be realised of Monday through Friday of 10:30 h to 13:30 h to a price of 85€ to the month.

Exite the possibility of extension of schedule or attendance to certain matters. Question in the office to see disposition of places.


  • Computer science: It includes initiation to Mecanografía, where they will learn to suitably place the fingers in the keyboard; initiation to computer science where they will learn the basic knowledge to handle the computer.
  • Support of the course: Review of the agenda seen during the course and reinforcement of those subjects that cost to them more.
  • Languages: Pleasant classes where they will be able to improve his knowledge and domain of the English as much spoken as written.
  • Manualidades: They will carry out funny works that can take to house.
  • Games: Focused to the educative project that is occurring then that will help them to learn of funny form.
  • Cinema and Theater: Where they will go it well and social values and of coexistence will be developed.