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Courses of Computer science

In center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) we want to train you in the new technologies. For that reason we make your available numerous courses that an ample fan of areas different from computer science includes. It gives equal the level that you have, you will find classes that will teach to you to use most basic of the computer, until classes outposts of programming of computer science applications. Always guided by a qualified teaching staff and with experience.

You have to your disposition 2 modalities different to arrange your formation:

  • Actual classes: You will attend our classroom in center of Estepona and will be guided by our teaching staff who will help and solve your doubts you
  • Courses online: You will give your classes through computer and you will be able to attend the positions of a guardian through e-mail, forums, etc.

As and when you want:

We use a methodology multimedia of verified effectiveness. This allows us that the classes totally are individualized, that is to say, you will be able to advance faster in those points that you dominate better and you will be able to repeat every time you need those subjects that cost to you more.


  • Mornings: Of 9:30 h to 11:30 h
  • Afternoons: Of 17:00 h to 19:00 h


You have it everything:

We make your available the formation that you need those tools that will help you in your studies, permitiran to you to improve in your work or to obtain since you wish:

  • Office automation and New Technologies: It learns to use the computer and to sail by Internet, it learns it types and it obtains at least 200 p.p.m, or it dominates the programs more used in the companies and offices (text editor, spreadsheets, data base, presentation multimedia,…).
  • Design CAD and Multimedia: It uses the computer to save effort and time at the time of drawing your planes, altering your photographies with professional finishing, to create your own graphical designs, to mount your own videos and songs.
  • Design WEB Creates and designs webpages using tools of management of contents (as WordPress) or from the programming languages Web (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript,…) taking advantage of the tools professional programming Web.
  • Programming: It creates your own video-game, desktop applications, software of management and everything what you can imagine.

Listing of Courses of Computer science:

Finder of Courses

58 Found Courses

MatterName of CourseModalityHoursCode
Design CAD - Multimedia3D Studio MAXActual4010197
Design CAD - MultimediaAdobe Indesign CS4Actual4010199
Design CAD - MultimediaAdobe Premiere Pro CS4Actual2010201
Design CAD - MultimediaAutoCAD 2010Actual5010203
Design CAD - MultimediaConcepts and Foundations of Design 3DActual5010204
Design CAD - MultimediaCorelDraw X5Actual6010206
Design CAD - MultimediaCorelDraw X5 - AndroidActual6010207
Design CAD - MultimediaGraphical design - Photoshop CS5 - CorelDraw X5Actual12010209
Design CAD - MultimediaFlashActual2510214
Design CAD - MultimediaMacroaverage DirectorActual4010211
Design CAD - MultimediaMasters in Applications MultimediaActual18010215
Design CAD - MultimediaPhotoshop CS6Actual6010212
Design CAD - MultimediaPinnacle StudioActual4010213
Design Web - InternetBootstrap 4Actual4010704
Design Web - InternetCreation of Webpages with WordpressActual3010249
Design Web - InternetDesign and Development Web with HTML5Actual2010241
Design Web - InternetDesign and Development Web with HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS4Actual6010242
Design Web - InternetDreamweaver CS4Actual4010243
Design Web - InternetFreeHand MXActual4010244
Design Web - InternetFrontpage 2002Actual3010245
Design Web - InternetInternet and its applicationsActual3010248
Design Web - InternetJavascriptActual8010246
Design Web - InternetMasters in Design and Creation of WebpagesActual14010247
Design Web - InternetSearch engine optimization (SEO)Actual3010250
Design Web - InternetProgramming in PHPActual8010481
Computer scienceAccess 2010Actual5510386
Computer scienceAccess 2010 AndroidActual4010387
Computer scienceExcel 2010Actual5510390
Computer scienceExcel 2010 AndroidActual4010391
Computer scienceComputer science for StudentsActualVariable10651
Computer scienceComputer science for ChildrenActualVariable10414
Computer scienceInitiation to Computer scienceActual6010413
Computer scienceBasic handling of the ComputerActualVariable10415
Computer scienceMasters in Applications Offices automationActual20010410
Computer scienceIt typesActual14010412
Computer scienceMicrosoft Office 2010Actual14010395
Computer scienceMicrosoft Outlook 2007Actual2010398
Computer scienceMicrosoft PowerPoint 2010Actual2010400
Computer scienceMicrosoft ProjectActual4010392
Computer scienceMicrosoft PublisherActual4010393
Computer scienceMicrosoft Word 2010Actual4010408
Computer scienceMicrosoft Word 2010 - AndroidActual4010409
Computer scienceComputer science operatorActual8010411
Computer scienceQuick 8.7Actual2010127
Computer scienceQuick Advanced 8.7Actual2010128
Computer scienceSCRATCH (computer science programming of video-games) BASIC LEVELActual2010705
Computer scienceWeb 2,0 and Social NetworksActual4010103
Computer scienceWeb 2,0 and Social Networks - AndroidActual4010104
Computer scienceWindows 7Actual3010401
ProgrammingC# .NET 2005Actual8010479
ProgrammingProgramming of ApplicationsActual12010482
ProgrammingProgramming in JavaActual8010480
ProgrammingProgramming in PHPActual8010481
Social AverageCommunity Manager on the Web 2,0 and Social NetworksActual3010106
Social AverageCommunity Social Manager, Networks and Marketing 2.0Actual4010107
Social AverageFacebook for Companies and EntrepreneursActual3010109
Social AverageHootsuite: Managing Social MeansActual3010110
Social AverageTwitter in the CompanyActual3010108

**: Group courses. A minimum number of students is demanded to be able to initiate them.