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In the months of summer you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge of computer science, so that you can use it in the studies.

You will be able to choose, according to the base of computer science that each student has, between applications who helps you in texts, presentations in class, ordenografía, digital design, adjustment of photographies,… or to make your own webpage or your blog.

Directed a:

The course is thought for students of mainly Primary and E.S.O.

With the help of the professor, you will choose your schedule and the matter that adapts more to your needs.


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This course is destined to all those people who wish to begin in modelling in 3 dimensions, in just a short time; as well as the attainment of a hyperrealistic image of any element (of architecture, landscaping, urbanism, engineering, video-games…). In this way when finalizing this course will have sufficient knowledge to elaborate of principle to aim any modeled of design in 3D, and to renderizarlo securing a photorealistic image.



Inform you in our office or calling to (+34) 952 800 491, or if you prefer it send an email to us to

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In the months of summer , with our “COURSE OF COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES”, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge the programs of management accounting, invoicing and warehouse, and used lists and social insurances more in the companies: CONTAPLUS, FACTURAPLUS and NOMINAPLUS, versions Elite.


It requests but information without commitment”

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Intensive courses of Summer 5 Stars

Intensive summer of Courses

This Summer we have preparations to you a selection of courses especially thought so that you can complete them in the months of Summer. Although, by all means, they continue being available our amplest fan of formative possibilities.

It is possible to be shelp that in Training center Place the Flowers you have a formation 5 stars:

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Courses of Social Average

New Courses of Social Average

The new courses of Social Average in Actual way in our academy of Estepona are already available:

You have several courses where to choose to satisfy any necessity:

Facebook for Companies and Entrepreneurs:
Course especially thought for entrepreneurs, directors, people in charge and technicians of marketing who wish on Facebook to implement in their company a strategy of effective communication within the plan of marketing of the organization
Twitter in the Company:
Course that provides the necessary knowledge for the professional management of Twitter within the frame of the company integrating the tool in the plan of social means marketing.
Hootsuite: Managing Social Means:
Course that allows to know the ideal tool for the publication and programming messages, creation of groups, monitoring of content, listens social, social means management in work parties and intelligence collection of results of the activity in social networks.


As always with the flexibility in prices and schedules of which we characterized ourselves.

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Classes of preparation for the tests from Access to Degrees and University

Tests of Access

Preparation of the tests that require each one of the entrance examinations to the formative cycles or the obtaining of titles of Baccalaureate or E.S.O.

We offer a continuous evaluation of the student, simulation of examinations, resolution of exercises, support in the management of the requests and all the necessary one to achieve your success.


Classes of English, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish for foreigners of reduced and with classes of conversation, oriented groups to the domain of the acutal language.

Individual courses of Office staff and Computer science


Courses individualized with methodology multimedia in which you have total freedom to choose your own schedule within our aperture times.
You have to your disposition an ample fan with more than 700 courses.

Classes of Support of Primary, THAT and University

Classes of Support

Classes of support for students of primary, E.S.O and Baccalaureate with an ample fan of subjects between which to choose.

Resolution of doubts, preparation of future examinations and extension of agenda