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Courses of Office staff

In center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) we want to form you in the administration and management of companies. For that reason we make your available numerous courses that include all the needs that can arise, from the management of the accounting to the preparation of the lists of the employees. Always guided by a qualified teaching staff and with experience.

You have to your disposition 2 modalities different to arrange your formation:

  • Actual classes: You will attend our classroom in center of Estepona and will be guided by our teaching staff who will help and solve your doubts you
  • Courses online: You will give your classes through computer and you will be able to attend the positions of a guardian through e-mail, forums, etc.

As and when you want:

We use a methodology multimedia of verified effectiveness. This allows us that the classes totally are individualized, that is to say, you will be able to advance faster in those points that you dominate better and you will be able to repeat every time you need those subjects that cost to you more.
In addition you decide the days that you want to come to the week and the number of hours that you will spend every day with total freedom as long as they are dento of our schedule of opening:

Schedule of Winter:

  • Mornings: Of 9:30 h to 13:30 h
  • Afternoons: Of 16:00 h to 20:00 h

Schedule of Julio and August

  • Mornings: Of 8:30 h to 14:30 h
  • Afternoons: —

Listing of Courses of Office staff:

Finder of Courses

47 Found Courses

MatterName of CourseModalityHoursCode
Administration and OfficeOffice staff of ManagementActual52010020
Administration and OfficeCountable and Financial analysisActual9010026
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser I, II and IIIActual13010003
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser II: PERSONAL INCOME TAX and Imposed on successions and donationsActual4510001
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser III: IVA and Taxes of patrimonial transmissions and documented Legal transactionsActual4010002
Administration and OfficeYeomanActual8010023
Administration and OfficeGeneral accounting InformatizadaActual17010025
Administration and OfficeAccounting for SocietiesActual9010028
Administration and OfficeContaplus versus. EliteActual2010007
Administration and OfficeCourse of Lists: Social hiring, Lists, Insurances and NominaplusActual7010012
Administration and OfficePractical course of the Personal income taxActual5010652
Administration and OfficeCourse Superior of Financial AccountingActual12010006
Administration and OfficeCOURSE SUPERIOR OF APPLIED FINANCESActual8010031
Administration and OfficeExpert in Management accounting of the CompanyActual24010027
Administration and OfficeFacturaplus versus. EliteActual2010008
Administration and OfficeComputerized management accounting (Contaplus and Facturaplus versus Elite)Actual4010009
Administration and OfficeManagement of Personnel: Hiring Social Lists and InsurancesActual5010010
Administration and OfficeComputerized management of Companies (Contaplus, Facturaplus and Nominaplus versus EliteActual7010017
Administration and OfficeIntroduction to the AccountingActual4010004
Administration and OfficePERSONAL INCOME TAX. Complete Practical course.Actual3510030
Administration and OfficeMasters in Tributary Management accounting and of CompaniesActual43010029
Administration and OfficeMasters in Fiscal and Countable ManagementActual30010018
Administration and OfficeNominaplus versus. EliteActual3010011
Administration and OfficeGeneral plan Contable 2008Actual8010005
Administration and OfficeHuman resourcesActual2010013
Administration and OfficeSecretaryship of DirectionActual52010021
Administration and OfficeComputer science secretaryshipActual50010022
Administration and OfficeAdministrative techniques of TransactionActual3010014
Administration and OfficeTechniques of Secretaryship of DirectionActual5010015
Administration and OfficeTechnician of ManagementActual70010019
Administration and OfficeLabor technician (Social Hiring, Lists and Insurances, Human Nominaplus and Recursos)Actual10010024
CommerceAnimation of the Point of sale: MerchandisingActual4010072
CommerceAudit of QualityActual3010074
CommerceThe Showcase as Tool of SaleActual2010079
CommerceFoundations of Marketing Applied to the Commercial ActivityActual2010081
CommerceCommercial interior design. To sell from the ImageActual2010087
CommerceIntroduction to Marketing in Internet: Marketing 2.0Actual2010089
CommerceThe Strategy in the Commercial ActivityActual2010090
CommerceThe Sale: Foundations for its ManagementActual2010091
CommerceBasic legislation of the CommerceActual2010092
CommercePublicity in the Point of saleActual2010097
CommerceTechniques of Commercial InvestigationActual2010101
CommerceWeb 2,0 and Social NetworksActual4010103
CommerceWeb 2,0 and Social Networks - AndroidActual4010104
FinancierFiscal adviser I: General law Tributaria, local Corporation tax and TaxesActual4510000
FinancierPreparation MIFID IIActual9010032
Directive abilitiesTO SPEAK IN PUBLIC IS EASYActual2010653

**: Group courses. A minimum number of students is demanded to be able to initiate them.