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We - Training center Place Flores

We thank to the welcome and to him to be interested in knowing us.

We presented of brief form the five pillars to him where we were based to fulfill our main target: the constant improvement of the QUALITY OF EDUCATION.

  1. We make your available our experience of more than 20 years in the formation of professionals, to secure the necessary adaptation between which we taught and the demand of the market of present work.
  2. The ample formative supply. For that reason, our catalogue has increased more than 700 different courses and includes 23 economic sectors with specialties of all these professional scopes. From the sector of offices and offices, commerce, industry, the hotel trade, feeding, to others as gardening, hairdressing salon, teaching, construction, energies,…
    The 3 different modalities in which they are possible to be distributed more than 700 courses:
    • ACTUAL: It will count on our facilities to realise the courses. We have 7 classrooms, four of them with adapted computer science equipment and the rest to the teaching of classes of languages, feeding,… Always accompanied by our professors with an ample experience not only in teaching, but also in the sector
    • AT A DISTANCE: It will have the materials necessary to realise the course without having to move, in addition to a tutor who will be able to contact with him via telephone.
    • TELE-TRAINING (ONLINE): This modality will allow him to realise the courses from house, being had access to Internet to develop the matter and to contact with the tutor.
  3. Our facilities totally equipped
  4. The teaching staff each specialized in the matter that he distributes, and with educational experience in constant recycling to be able to advise to him in the last tendencies the market.
  5. Our system of education combines the new technologies of information and communication, with skillful and dynamic classes of groups. Throughout the course practical and real assumptions will be realised. The used methodology and materials come from the best cabinets of investigation didactic and professional, that combine the most recent educative innovations, labor and technical, allowing us to accede to the last tendencies. Thus we obtained that it can form in present of each matter.

The best test is the confidence that more than 3,500 local busines, and Institutions of national and international scope (CC.OO, the UGT, Meeting of Andalusia, Tripartite Foundation, C.E.O.E., Post office, Behörde Für Schule, Jugend und Berufsbildung in Germany, University of Cambridge, University Rey Juan Carlos I,…) that they have deposited in center, demanding constantly update of contents and Quality to us of Education to facilitate the recycling and adaptation from its workers to the labor market, strengthening or ascending in its job.

This confidence also is translated in the demand of job offers, so that TRAINING CENTER PLACE the FLOWERS has an employment agency where periodically supplies of use for our students announce.

Certificates and Homologations:


Certificate of quality EDUQATIA
By a Formation of Quality
it is our motto,
as also it demonstrates it
our Certification of Quality ISO 9001

Our center is host of the University of Cambridge for English tests by computer (Cambridge ESOL computer-based test to center)
Center of Examinations by computer of CambridgeCambridge ESOL computer-based test centers

We are accredited by:

constructionLabor foundation Construction
Accredited center 051108309 stops
Professional card of the Construction
Professional card of Madera
Meeting of AndalusiaCouncil of Education
Center Credited for Certificate teaching of Professionalismsepe
Tripartite foundationTripartite foundation
for the continuous formation for independent workers and
Meeting of AndalusiaCouncil of Agriculture and Fishes
Official center “IF” resol. 20/01/2012 for membership card Applicator Plant health products
Meeting of AndalusiaCouncil of Use
Center accredited CC/2049 from 1994 for courses FPE of the Meeting of Andalusia
Behörde für Schule, Jugend und BerufsbildungBehörde für Schule, Jugend und Berufsbildung
(Hamburg – Germany)
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of MalagaChamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Malaga

We are member of:

ProdiformProdiform I SAW
CecapSpanish confederation of Centers and Private Academies
FACEPFederation Andalusian of Private Training centers
acepmaAssociation of Training centers Deprived of Malaga
CeoeSpanish confederation of Enterprise Organizations
aeeAssociation of Businessmen of Estepona

It contacts with Us:

We are right in the center historical of Estepona (Malaga). You will be able to find us in the Place of the flowers, number 5 and the postal code is the 29680.

If you prefer to call to us by telephone, our office is available of Monday through Friday in the following schedule:

Winter Julio and August
Mornings: 09:30 h to 13:30 h 08:30 h to 14:30 h
Afternoons: 17:00 h to 20:30 h

Telephone: 952 800 491