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University entrance exam for Majors of 25 Years

The university entrance exam is employee of the branch to which the student tries to accede. This test consists of two parts:

  • General phase:
    • Text commentary
    • Castilian language
    • Foreign language
  • Specific phase:
    1. To choose one among the following subjects:
      1. Arts and Humanities: Artistic drawing, Geography, general History and of the art, History of music and the dance, Latin
      2. Sciences: Physics, Mathematics
      3. Sciences of the Health: Biology, Chemistry
      4. Social and Legal sciences: Economy of emresa, Geography, Latin, Mathematics applied to social sciences.
      5. Engineering and Architecture: Technical drawing, Mathematical
    2. To previously choose a subject among discarded or the one of the following:
      1. Arts and Humanities: Technical drawing, Universal Literature
      2. Sciences: Biology, Chemistry
      3. Sciences of the Health: Physics, Mathematics
      4. Social and Legal sciences:
      5. Engineering and Architecture: Physics, Industrial Technology

If alumno/a wants to choose in center to the accomplishment of the university entrance exam, of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) we prepared so much the common part as the specific part that the student wishes to realise. Each and every one of the subjects are distributed with the agenda approved by the Meeting of Andalusia and with the accomplishment of examinations of previous tests.

The student chooses the subjects who wants, of flexible form, distributing the hours that pay as more it agrees to him.