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Tests of Access to Formative Cycles of Professional Formation Degree Superior

The overcoming of the tests of access to the formative cycles of professional formation of the educative system, authorizes the people who do not own the academic requirements of access to attend these lessons.

The test of access to the degree superior is employee of the module to which it is inhaled, since these are divided in three options. This test consists of two parts:

  • Common part:
    • Spanish language
    • Mathematics
    • Foreign language
  • Specific part:
    1. Economy, 2º Language and Geography
    2. Physics, Technology Indsutrial and Technical Dibujo
    3. Sciences of the Earth and Medioambiente, Chemistry and Biology

If alumno/a wants in center to choose to the accomplishment of the test of access to Degree Superior, of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) we prepared so much the common part as the specific part that the student wishes to realise. Each and every one of the subjects are distributed with the agenda approved by the Meeting of Andalusia and with the accomplishment of examinations of previous tests.

The student chooses the subjects who wants, of flexible form, distributing the hours that pay as more it agrees to him.



To have turned 19 years of age or to fulfill them in the natural year of celebration of the test.
Or to have turned 18 years of age or to fulfill them in the natural year of celebration of the test if it has the title of technician of the same professional family who the formative cycle to which it is wanted to accede.



Every year carries out an ordinary call that are developed in the month of June and another one of extraordinary character in the month of September.