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Obtaining of the title of baccalaureate for majors of 20 years

The title of Baccalaureate is recognized by the Ministry of Education, and can open many educative routes to you as as much labroales:

  • You can directly accede to a Formative Cycle of Degree Superior
  • To choose to a greater number of oppositions to work in the Public Administration
  • With your title of Baccalaureate, you will be able to appear to the university entrance exams (PAU) and to attend a race.

The test for the obtaining of the title of Bachelor consists of the following tests:

Without approved matters With some approved
Pr 1 Castilian language and Literature I and II Castilian language and Literature II
Pr 2 1º Foreign Language I and II (English/French) 1º Foreign Language II (English/French)
Pr 3 Philosophy/History of Spain Philosophy
History of Spain
Sciences Pr 4 Mathematics I and II Mathematics II
Pr 5 Physics and Physical Chemistry/ Physics
Physics and Chemical Chemistry/ Chemistry
Pr 6 Biology and Geology/Biology Biology
Biology and Geology/Geology Geology
Technical drawing I and II Technical drawing II
Humanities Pr 4 Applied mathematics to CC.SS. I and II Applied mathematics to CC.SS. II
Latin II
Latin I and II
Pr 5 Economy/Economy Company Economy
Economy Company
Greek II
Greek I and II
Pr 6 Hª Contemporary World/Hª of the Art Hª Contemporary World
Universal Literature
Hª of the Art
Hª Contemporary World/Geography
Universal Literature/Hª of the Art
Universal Literature/Geography
Arts Pr 4 Foundations Art I and II Foundations Art
Pr 5 Audio-visual culture I and II Audio-visual culture II
Pr 6 Hª Contemporary World/Design Hª Contemporary World
Universal Literature
Universal Literature/Design
Pr 7 IT and Communication I and II IT and Communication I
IT and Communication II
Artistic drawing I
Artistic drawing II
Applied anatomy
Sciences Earth and M. Atmosphere
2º Foreign Language (French/English)
2º Foreign Language (French/English)
Applied anatomy/Sciences Earth and M. Atmosphere
Artistic drawing I and II
2º Foreign Language I and II (English/French)
2º Foreign Language I (English/French)/Sciences Ambient Earth and M.
Pr 8 Scientific culture/Hª Philosophy Scientific culture
Hª Philosophy
Industrial technology I
Industrial technology II
2º Foreign Language I (English/French)
2º Foreign Language II (French/English)
Industrial technology I and II
2º Foreign Language I and II (French/English)
2º Foreign Language I (French/English)/Hª Philosophy

In center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) are the student who chooses the subjects to which he chooses and it is preparation on the basis of that election. All this supported with agenda of the Meeting of Andalusia and with the accomplishment of the previous tests as own test of the acquired knowledge.



The free tests of baccalaureate go to adults of 20 years or that fulfill this age in the natural year in which the examination is realised.
You can register in these tests although you are attending other studies, including Baccalaureate.