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Tests of Access to Formative Cycles of Average Degree

The overcoming of the tests of access to the formative cycles of professional formation of the educative system, authorizes the people who do not own the academic requirements of access to attend these lessons.

If alumno/a wants to choose to the accomplishment of the test of access to formative cycles of Average Degree, in center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) we prepared the three scopes that are had to realise (all this supported with the agenda of the Meeting of Andalusia and with the accomplishment of the previous tests as own test of the acquired knowledge):

  • Communication: (English language and)
  • Social: (history, geography and economy)
  • Scientist/Tecnlógico: (technology, computer science, mathematics, Biology, physics and chemistry)

The student chooses the subjects who wants, of flexible form, distributing the hours that pay as more it agrees to him.


Who do not own the academic requirements for the direct access and have turned 17 years of age or they fulfill them in the natural year of celebration of the tests.


Every year carries out an ordinary call that are developed in the month of June and another one of extraordinary character in the month of September.