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Promotion of Materials of the 15 of January to the 15 of February

Promotion in courses of Administration, Computer science and Multimedia

We have decided to extend the term of our supply.
It takes this opportunity to train you to the best price

If you matriculations in any course of Administration, Computer science or Multimedia enter the 15 of January from 2014 the 15 of February of 2014 we gave the manuals and the materials to you.

Matriculations Free in January

Matriculation Free in January for courses of Administration, Computer science or Multimedia

Training center Place the Flowers helps you to fulfill your intentions of Año Nuevo.

Until the 15 of January, to register you in any course of Administration, Computer science or Multimedia will leave to you FREE

The year with good foot begins and you do not let pass the opportunity to form to you with the best quality.

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Extra-curricular activities of Primary

Extra-curricular activities of Primary 2013

This winter, as NEWNESS, we have extra-curricular classes for you sin them of the house. These include:

  • 2 hours of English/week
  • 2 hours of Computer science/week
  • 2 hours of Support with the duties of the school/week

The classes are directed to children between 1º and 4º of Primary and the 6 weekly hours will be able to be assigned freely within the schedule of 16:00 h to 18:00 of Monday through Friday.

The price of the classes is of 75€/month.

Course of Basic Handling of Computer

Course of Basic Handling of Computer 2013

Now you have the possibility of putting you to the day in the new technologies and of learning to handle your computer.

With this course you will learn, of a clear way, easy and pleasant, everything what you need for being able to use the computer, to sail by Internet, to chatear, to unload what you need and all those tasks of basic computer science.

Our classrooms are equipped with audio-visual technology, reason why you will be able to learn how the things become of a much more simple way. What better form to learn to do something that being seen how one becomes and doing it you yourself. In addition, if you prefer it, you can be engaged in your own equipment.

Opened the term of inscription ALREADY

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Classes of preparation for the tests from Access to Degrees and University

Tests of Access

Preparation of the tests that require each one of the entrance examinations to the formative cycles or the obtaining of titles of Baccalaureate or E.S.O.

We offer a continuous evaluation of the student, simulation of examinations, resolution of exercises, support in the management of the requests and all the necessary one to achieve your success.


Classes of English, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish for foreigners of reduced and with classes of conversation, oriented groups to the domain of the acutal language.

Individual courses of Office staff and Computer science


Courses individualized with methodology multimedia in which you have total freedom to choose your own schedule within our aperture times.
You have to your disposition an ample fan with more than 700 courses.

Classes of Support of Primary, THAT and University

Classes of Support

Classes of support for students of primary, E.S.O and Baccalaureate with an ample fan of subjects between which to choose.

Resolution of doubts, preparation of future examinations and extension of agenda