Classes of English and German Nascent level Summer 2013

During this Verando of 2013 you have the possibility of learning that language that as much you need and never you find the moment to begin.

You dye the possibility of giving classes of English or classes of German of A1 level in Marco Común Europeo de Referencia for the Languages. This level is apt for nascent.


Our education adapts the Marco Común Europeo de Referencia who describes the linguistic ability in a scale of levels that leaves from the A1 of the nascent ones and arrives until the C2 from which they dominate a language. This allows that all those related to the education or the examinations of languages (students, professors, training of professors, etc.) can easily identify the level corresponding to the different degrees. Also it facilitates to employers and institutions the comparison of degrees and its relation with the examinations that know their own countries.

The objective of these classes is the following:

  • Auditory understanding: To recognize very basic words and expressions that are used habitually, regarding one same one, to the family or the immediate surroundings when it is spoken slowly and with clarity.
  • Understanding of reading: To understand words and names
    known and very simple phrases, for example those that there are in signboards, posters and catalogues.
  • Oral interaction: To be able to participate in a conversation of simple form whenever the other person is prepared to repeat what she has shelp or to say it with other words and at a slower speed and helps to formulate what is tried to say. To pose and to answer simple questions on subjects of immediate necessity or
    very habitual subjects.
  • Oral expression: To use simple expressions and phrases
    in order to describe the place where it is lived and the people who know themselves.
  • To write: To be able to write postal short and simple, for example to send congratulations. To know how to fill in forms with personal data, for example the name, nationality and direction in the form of the registry of a hotel.


The classes exclusively distribute during the months of Julio and August during 4,5 hours to the week. The predicted schedule will be:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday of 9:00 h to 10:30 h