course of Search engine optimization - SEO

The 1 of Julio of 2013 will in center begin the Course of Search engine optimization (SEO) of Studies Place Flores

The SEO, in English Optimization Search Engine and whose translation can be considered Search engine optimization, is the set of techniques and strategies that lie down to obtain that the main finders of Internet place our webpage between the first positions of their page of results.

The course consists of 40 hours school of actual classes with theoretical and practical contents, and is directed to all that one person who wishes to position a webpage between the first positions of the results of the main finders of the market: Google, Yahoo! and Bing, among others.

Although they are not necessary previous knowledge of programming Web yes that are recommendable for a better advantage of the course.

The course is oriented from the point of view of the marketing of companies and will contribute programming models that can serve as guide to optimize the Web in which the student works, always based on the good contents and a clear and clean programming, without using tricks or prohibited practices that can suppose the expulsion of the index of the finder.


The schedule of the course will be Tuesday and Thursday of 8:30 h to 10:30 h during the months of Julio and August of 2013.

Agenda of the course:

  1. Introduction
    • What is positioning and how it works?
    • For which positioning?
    • Tools of marketing online
  2. Optimization of a Web
    • To define the objectives of the website
    • To select key words
    • To create a indexable Web
    • To improve the relevance of the Web
    • To improve the popularity of the Web
    • Limits in the natural positioning
    • Positioning in other means
  3. To present our WEB
    • To choose finders
    • How to register the Web in the finders
  4. To measure the results
    • To measure the indexing
    • To measure the visibility
    • To measure the popularity
    • To measure the traffic
    • To measure the return of the investment