Courses of English for the Hotel trade

New Intensive Course of Basic level of English with specific vocabulary for the world of the hotel trade (cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, etc)

The course is Gratuitous and is directed to independent workers and of the sector of the hotel trade. The possibility exists of attending the course if you are unemployed.

The course has a maximum capacity of 15 students where the unemployed ones will accede by inscription order.

ALREADY opened the term of inscription until completing the group

Schedule of the course:

The module of English of the course will be distributed from the 3 to the 25 of September of 2013, of 17:00 h to 20:00 h.

The modules of Inernacionalización of companies and Undertaking will be distributed Saturdays 7, 14 and 21 of September of 2013, 9:00 h to 13:00 h.

Necessary documentation:

Following if you are working or you are unemployed you must give a different documentation, therefore:

The Workers must present:

The Unemployed ones must present:

Content of the Course:

  • English for Cafeterias and Restaurants (50 hours)
    • Module I: To give the welcome and to locate to our clients
      Receiving clients, welcoming and seating
    • Module II: To present information, to advise and to recommend
      Presenting information, advising and recommending
    • Module III: Explanations and instructions: Preparation of plates and drinks
      Explaining and instructing: Explaining dishes and drinks
    • Module IV: To take commands it: Main, last appetizers, entrances, plates, drinks
      Taking orders: Aperitifs, starters, main courses, desserts, table drinks
    • Module V: The collection and the payment
      Money matters
    • Module I SAW: Goodbyes
      Farewells – Customers plows leaving
    • Module VII: To receive telephone calls. Reserves
      Taking phone calls. Reservations
    • Module VIII: Addresses: In the interior and outside
      Giving directions. Indoors and outside
    • Module IX: Menus, pamphlets, letters and faxes
      Menus, leaflets, letters and faxes
    • Module X: Claims and excuses
      Complaints and apologies
  • Internationalization of companies (6 hours)
    • U.D. 1: Foundations of the enterprise commercial management. Previous knowledge to the internationalization process
    • U.D. 2: The internationalization process
    • U.D. 3: The international financing
    • U.D. 4: Process of internationalization: Analysis of different countries
    • U.D. 5: The elaboration of the plan of marketing adapted to the international market
  • Undertaking (6 hours)
    • U.D. 1: Profile of the entrepreneur
    • U.D. 2: Ideas and opportunities of business. Self-diagnosis
    • U.D. 3: Plan of business
    • U.D. 4: Experience of success in the creation of companies