Gratuitous course of English for the Hotel trade

New English Intensive Course of basic with specific vocabulary for the Sector of the hotel trade (cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, etc) with a duration of 50 hours.

The course is TOTALLY GRATUITOUS and counts on 15 places destined to and on another's account INDEPENDENT WORKERS of companies of the sector of the hotel trade.

Schedule of the course:

Of the 28 of March to the 3 of June of 2014 in afternoon schedule.

Requirements and Documentation:

  • To be or on another's account independent workers in active-duty of the sector of the Hotel trade.
  • It photocopies of the national identity document.
  • It photocopies of the Social Security
  • It photocopies of the last Independent receipt of or last list
  • Document of Request of Inscription for the course properly stuffed.

One week before the beginning of the admitted course the list will be published of in the Information bureau of the Center.