Formative day Robotix Lego

Gratuitous Formative day distributed in center of Studies Place the Flowers on Project ROBOTIX of I BEQUEATH Education.

Schedule and Direction:

The formative day will distribute Tuesday 25 of June of the 2013

  • First turn of 16:00 to 18:15
  • Secondly turn of 18:30 to 20:45

Place of Teaching: Place of Flowers 5, 29680 Estepona (Malaga)
Limited gauging Inscription: Training center Place of Flores


José Antonio Domingo Martínez
Delegate Andalusia ROBOTIX- I BEQUEATH Education

The society in that we lived is changing to huge steps. It is a reality that every day we felt with greater intensity and relevance.
We are preparing correctly to our children and daughters for this immediate future?

Of summarized form, we are going to review the most important points and outstanding of the bases of project ROBOTIX of I BEQUEATH Education.

  • Justification: Why we do it?
  • The 4 basic pillars of the education. Jacques Delors report to UNESCO
  • Development of abilities and competitions of the 21st century
  • Methodology 4C's of I BEQUEATH Education
  • Results (“learning by doing “)

We will resist the objectives that are persecuted in both methodologies, to reach the final conclusion of the suitability of the method that I BEQUEATH Education has been many years implanting successfully in the Scandinavian countries, in the USA, Korea and now is implanting in the south of Europe (Spain and Italy).

Finally, we will face Desafío of the Ecological City “Green City “, that represents a scene where to apply and to adapt our knowledge and abilities to solve challenges related to the renewable energies.

We will be divided in groups and we will face different challenges. Within each group, we will organize ourselves in different functions, and we will have to solve the greater amount of challenges in the smaller possible time. All this with original material of I BEQUEATH Education (MINDSTORMs NXT).

We will work technical competitions and abilities (design, construction and programming), social (organization, leadership, work in equipment) and personal (creativity, innovation, resolution of problems).

After the conclusion of the day, ROBOTIX Malaga and Centro of Studies Place the Flowers will issue certificates of attendance and correct advantage.

Programming of the Formative Day:

  • Presentation ROBOTIX Malaga
  • Joranada presentation “How to foment the initiative and the undertaking in the young people thanks to project ROBOTIX of I BEQUEATH Education?
  • Pedagogical objectives
    Official” methodologies
    Project ROBOTIX – I BEQUEATH Education
    Methodology 4C's
  • Rest
  • Introduction to the practice “Green City Challenge
  • Real practice “Green City
  • It closes Day