English Intensive course of for Cambridge September 2013

English Intensive August and European common B1 course of Level within the framework of Reference distributed during the months of Julio for the preparation of examination PET of the University of Cambridge that will take place in the month of September.


The classes distribute during the months of Julio and August of Monday to Thursday of 8:30 to 9:30


The main objective of this course is to prepare itself for examination PET of the University of Cambridge.

In addition, to the being classes of English of B1 level, the student will acquire the following linguistic skills:

  • Auditory understanding: To understand the main ideas
    when the speech is clear and normal and daily subjects treat that take place at work, in the school, during the time of leisure, etc. To understand the main idea of many programs of radio or television that deals with present subjects or subjects personal or professional interest, when the joint is relatively slow and clear.
  • Understanding of reading: To include texts written up in a language of use habitual and daily or related to the work. To understand the description of events, feelings and desires in personal letters.
  • Oral interaction: To know how to develop in almost all the situations that appear to me when it is traveled there where that language is spoken. To be able to participate spontaneously in a conversation that deals with daily subjects personal interest or that is pertinent for the daily life (for example, present family, likings, work, trips and events).
  • Oral expression: To know how to connect phrases of simple form with the purpose of to describe to experiences and facts, the dreams, hopes and ambitions.
  • To write: To be able to write simple and or connected texts on subjects that are known or of personal interest. To be able to write personal letters that describe to experiences and impressions.