Techniques of Study

This academic term with good foot and best notes Begins!

How to obtain it? Putting in practice which you will learn in our new Course of Techniques of Study especially centered in students of the second cycle of Primary and E.S.O.

Including in the course a complement of personal development will occur that will help you to improve your social abilities: To set out works in class, self-esteem, techniques of relaxation…

If you are going to study in the University, Baccalaureate or some Formative Cycle you can put to you in touch with us for informs you into groups especially oriented to your needs.

Limited places

Duration and Schedule of the course

The course will be distributed from the 17 to the 21 of September of 18:00 h to 20:00 h
and it lasts total of 10 hours.


The price is of 70€

Contents of the Course

  • To know itself itself as student
  • What to study? Necessity of a course of study techniques
  • Environmental and personal conditions of study, the motivation the attention and the concentration.
  • How to avoid the distractions?
  • How to plan and to organize your time to the maximum?
  • Pre-reading and comprehensive reading.
  • How to locate most important of a text.
  • To include a confused text.
  • Car-you ask
  • The notes to the margin and the connectors
  • The underlining, the scheme and the summary
  • To expose and to review
  • The memory:
    • Types of memory
    • The forgetfulness
    • The memorization in the long term
    • Systems to improve the memory
  • The class and as taking notes
  • To learn to do thematic works written
  • Internet as study tool
  • How to prepare and to realise the examinations
  • Personal development:
    • To set out works in public
    • Asertividiad
    • Self-esteem
    • Techniques of relaxation
    • Verbal and nonverbal language
    • etc.