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Classes of Chinese

In center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) the classes of Chinese are designed for the learning of the present language. We teach “to Chinese Mandarin”, that is to say the official language. In a pleasant atmosphere directed by qualified professors and with many years of experience, the student will perfectly develop all the aspects of the language: to read, to write mainly, to listen and, to speak.

We offer

  • Groups reduced for all the ages from the 3 years. and Adults of 2 or 3 hours to the week.
  • Special classes of conversation


We work with the resources updated and governed by the norms of Marco Común Europeo de Referencia for the Languages.

In all the levels there is much interaction between the professor and the student whom the study of the grammar includes, practices accompanied by the CD, exercises written and to speak in Chinese the possible maximum.

Also the students learn aspects of the Chinese culture since there are several classes dedicated to the typical celebrations and customs throughout the course.

In the special classes of conversation, all acquire the confidence to speak in Chinese of their favorite subjects by means of activities in group, pairs and games, simultaneously perfecting the ear and the pronuncación at any moment.

We want that our students learn the Chinese for any necessity well hers: pass, to enter the labor market, to make a trip of pleasing or studies, or simply to defend itself in the daily life.

Listing of Courses of Chinese:

Finder of Courses

15 Found Courses

MatterName of CourseModalityHoursCode
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.1 levelActual3010357
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.2 levelActual3010358
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.3 levelActual3010359
ChineseChinese Interval B2.1 high levelActual3010354
ChineseChinese Interval B2.2 high levelActual3010355
ChineseChinese Interval B2.3 high levelActual3010356
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.1 levelActual3010348
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.2 levelActual3010349
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.3 levelActual3010350
ChineseChinese Interval B1.1 levelActual3010351
ChineseChinese Interval B1.2 levelActual3010352
ChineseChinese Interval B1.3 levelActual3010353
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.1 levelActual3010345
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.2 levelActual3010346
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.3 levelActual3010347

**: Group courses. A minimum number of students is demanded to be able to initiate them.