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Factory of programming of Video-games in Java for nascent

Factory of Video-games in Java for Nascent

If you have programming knowledge and you like the video-games but you do not know how you could program your own video-game this factory interests to you:

During the month of Julio you will be able to participate in our First practical Factory of programming of Video-games 2D in Java for nascent.

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Factory of elimination of virus and malware

II Factory: Elimination of virus and malware

The use more and more extended and regular of Internet has caused the appearance and diversification of all type of virus and hostile software, and not always our equipment is preparations to defend itself.

, Often in agreement we used our computer to sail, they are appearing bars of tools wished in our navigator or do not appear installed in our computer programs that show windows nonasked for. All this software finishes by relentizar our equipment and, often, it forces to take to our equipment to a friend or specialized center to us so that it fixes the situation to us.

This factory is centered in the use of anti-virus and other tools specialized in eliminating virus and hostile software. It has a practical perspective in which they will step by step be explained how to realise the search, where appropriate, and the elimination of virus, spyware and malware generally.

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I Whatsapp Factory

I Factory of applications for mobiles: WhatsApp

The technology advances very quickly and the society advances with her, demanding that is used for, every time, more and more things of our daily life. In Training center Place the Flowers we do not want that you remain back and we are the commitment this year old to distribute short factories periodically so that you can be learning them all or that one that interests to you. We helped you not to be straggler!

When winning popularity the Smartphones has appeared an application that allows to communicate free of charge. That application is not WhatsApp and has obtained that the majority no longer sends messages SMS text and, in many cases, realise calls either. Now if you do not have WhatsApp you are not communicated and, if you do not know to use it, is as if you did not have it.

This factory is centered in the WhatsApp application and has a perspective 100% practice in which they will step by step be explained how to carry out the tasks of this application so that you can remove more starting off to him for your mobile.

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Packs de Cursos of Summer 2014

Packs de Cursos of Summer 2014

This summer there are preparation for you two packs of courses with the knowledge fundamental to complement your curriculum and that you can take advantage of the summer to form and to prepare to you well

Each one of the packs lasts approximated of 120 hours and you can distribute your schedule with the freedom that characterizes our center. As always YOUR YOU DECIDE YOUR SCHEDULE, as much the number of hours to the day as the number of days to the week that you want to come, always within our schedule of opening.

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Classes of preparation for the tests from Access to Degrees and University

Tests of Access

Preparation of the tests that require each one of the entrance examinations to the formative cycles or the obtaining of titles of Baccalaureate or E.S.O.

We offer a continuous evaluation of the student, simulation of examinations, resolution of exercises, support in the management of the requests and all the necessary one to achieve your success.


Classes of English, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish for foreigners of reduced and with classes of conversation, oriented groups to the domain of the acutal language.

Individual courses of Office staff and Computer science


Courses individualized with methodology multimedia in which you have total freedom to choose your own schedule within our aperture times.
You have to your disposition an ample fan with more than 700 courses.

Classes of Support of Primary, THAT and University

Classes of Support

Classes of support for students of primary, E.S.O and Baccalaureate with an ample fan of subjects between which to choose.

Resolution of doubts, preparation of future examinations and extension of agenda