If you are studying the second cycle of Primary or E.S.O. As of September of 2014 you have available a new course of Techniques from Study to your measurement.

To set out works in public, assertiveness, self-esteem, techniques of relaxation, verbal and nonverbal leguaje,…

Duration and Price of the course

Duration of the course: 10 hours
Price: 95€


  • To know itself itself as student
  • What to study? Necessity of a course of study techniques
  • Environmental and personal conditions of study, the motivation the attention and the concentration.
  • How to avoid the distractions?
  • How to plan and to organize your time to the maximum?
  • Pre-reading and comprehensive reading.
  • How to locate most important of a text.
  • To include a confused text.
  • Car-you ask
  • The notes to the margin and the connectors
  • The underlining, the scheme and the summary
  • To expose and to review
  • The memory:
  • Types of memory
  • The forgetfulness
  • The memorization in the long term
  • Systems to improve the memory
  • The class and as taking notes
  • To learn to do thematic works written
  • Internet as study tool
  • How to prepare and to realise the examinations