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French classes

In center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) the French classes are designed for the learning of the present language. In a pleasant atmosphere directed by qualified professors and with many years of experience, the student will perfectly develop all the aspects of the language: to read, to write mainly, to listen and, to speak.

We offer

  • Groups reduced for all the ages.
  • Support to classes of Primary, Loquacious, THAT and adult of 2 or 3 hours to the week.
  • Special of conversation for students of THAT, Loquacious and adult classes
  • Preparation for the external examinations throughout the year: Alliance Française.

French levels


In our classes we worked always maintaining the interest of the student, diversifying the study subjects (works written, oral and activities in group).

The grammar part has an important place, as much for the improvement of the learning of the French language, as so that the student acquires confidence in the same.

We want that the student can approve his exámenos and facilitate the communication to him with people of French speech.

Listing of French Courses:

Finder of Courses

15 Found Courses

MatterName of CourseModalityHoursCode
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.1 levelActual3010327
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.2 levelActual3010328
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.3 levelActual3010329
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.1 levelActual3010324
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.2 levelActual3010325
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.3 levelActual3010326
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.1 levelActual3010318
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.2 levelActual3010319
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.3 levelActual3010320
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.1 levelActual3010321
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.2 levelActual3010322
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.3 levelActual3010323
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.1 levelActual3010315
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.2 levelActual3010316
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.3 levelActual3010317

**: Group courses. A minimum number of students is demanded to be able to initiate them.