Last places available for the Gratuitous Course of the Certificate of Professionalism FMEC0208 Diseño de Metallic Calderería and Estructuras that will be distributed in Malaga from the 21 of September of 2016.

The course totally is subsidized by the SEPE reason why it is free for all the students. In addition, when distributing itself actually in Malaga, scholarships of displacement for the people are offered who need to come from other places.

Information of the course:

It is an European certificate of professionalism that grants an official title with validity in all the Spanish territory and that supposes a great letter of presentation before any process of selection. You can see here the list of credits of the certificate of professionalism of Boilermaking.

They are practical and especially dynamic actual classes and count on practices guaranteed in companies of the sector.

  • Formation area: MALAGA
  • Term of request: Until the 24/9/2016
  • Date of Home: 21/9/2016
  • Date of Aim: 24/02/2017
  • Schedule: Of Monday through Friday of 8:30 h to 14:30 h


Requirements of the course:

In order to be able to attend this course you must have:

  • Less than 30 years.
  • Minimum level of studies of Baccalaureate or Formative Cycle of Degree Superior


Request and necessary Documentation:

The term to present the request finishes the 24 of September of 2016 and the necessary documentation is the following one:

  • Document of request (that you can gather in our Center)
  • National identity document
  • Card of the social security
  • Job application
  • Degree (or the bachelor, the formative cycle of degree superior, etc)