Course Superior of Applied Finances

The 16 of October give to beginning our new Course Superior of applied Finances that will grant to the students a competition level superior to the rest of the personnel dedicated to the accounting of the companies, since they will be able to elaborate a financial economic diagnosis, of costs stops
the banking negotiation and decision making of the company.

The course of 80h will be distributed by a series of specialistic Lawyers in the matter who will very give to an approach practitioner of the matters to distribute.

To whom it goes Directed the course:

The course Superior of applied Finances is focused to the following profiles:

  • University students of economic, company or tourism who wish to acquire a practical specialization before leaving to the labor market.
  • Students of professional formation and who have had countable formation. A minimum of knowledge is demanded to take advantage of this plan work.
  • People in unemployment who want to recycle themselves within their profession and to give a qualitative jump with the aim of increasing their options to find a job.
  • People in active-duty who want to give a qualitative jump and to dominate, in addition to the countable tools, finances applied to its companies.
  • Businessmen who wish to know the world finances and at any moment to understand the problematic one of their companies, mainly when they receive from his department of administration and/or its managers, the documents that show the economico-financial situation of their companies.
  • All person who, having some basic knowledge of accounting, can be interested in the world of finances as continuation to the countable states of the companies.

Methodology and evaluation of the course

The course will occur in actual sessions where an explanation of the theoretical part along with its practical application will be distributed.

To the students one will occur so much the theoretical notes them in PowerPoint as the practical cases in pdf for his study. Later one will give the practical tools to them for his application.

Throughout the course several tests when finalizing would be realised each module that will comprise of the final note. When finalizing the course alumno/a will obtain an advantage certificate, whenever
it has surpassed 80% of attendance and the final test with the required minimum level.

Teaching staff:

  • D. Miguel Escarcena Gómez (Director of the course).
    • Graduated in enterprise Sciences by the University of Malaga.
    • Lawyer in Direction and administration of companies by the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.
    • Masters in accounting and finances by CEREM – international School of businesses (Madrid).
    • Masters in Direction and Administration of companies by CEREM – international School of businesses (Madrid).
    • Masters in Financial Direction by ESIC – Seville.
  • D. Miguel Angel Ortiz-Tallo and Alarcón.
    • Lawyer in Right.
    • Lawyer in Economic.
    • Diverse Másteres related to thematic enterprise.
    • Specialist in Stock market with professional and enterprise experience.
  • D. Javier García Monedero.
    • Financial product specialist.
    • Ample experience as manager of diverse international organizations as CITIBANK, Bank URQUIJO, etc.
    • Lawyer University of Alcala of Madrid.


The course Superior of Applied Finances lasts of 80 hours that will distribute Fridays of 18:00 h to 21:30 h and Saturdays of 9:00 h to 13:30 h.


  • SUBJECT 1. Objectives and scope of action of finances: The responsibilities of the financial function and their contribution to the success of the company.
  • SUBJECT 2. Countable information systems: how to understand the countable information of the company and its financial statements.
  • SUBJECT 3. Costs for the decision making: Information systems of costs and their analysis for the management and decision making.
  • SUBJECT 4. Liquidity, treasury and banking negotiation to short.
  • SUBJECT 5. Economico-financial diagnosis: the contribution of the financial evaluation to the enterprise diagnosis. The more excellent financial ratios.
  • SUBJECT 6. Examination and final case of study.