Gratuitous course of International trade

Gratuitous course for unemployed minors of 30 years distributed of the 30 of April to the 13 of June of the 2014

Duration and Schedule of the course

Of the 30 of April to the 13 of June of the 2014
Monday through Friday of 8:30 h to 14:30 h.

The course lasts total of 210 hours, of which 136 hours will be actual in the classroom and 74 hours of practices in companies related to the thematic one.

Objectives of the course:

  • To acquire the knowledge and necessary competitions in the analysis and elaboration of strategies for the commercial expansion at international level.
  • To maintain the basic norm and concepts for the initiation of an activity in foreign trade.
  • To apply to operative and fiscal tools and means in the development of foreign trade activities.
  • To make studies of market and strategies of marketing through the application of tools for the commercialization of products at international level.

Contents of the course:

  • International trade and Norm
  • Marketing and Foreign Trade
  • Operative and Fiscality of the International trade
  • Practical cases

Terms of Inscription and documentation to present

The term of inscription begins Wednesday 9 of April of the 2014 in our office.

The documentation to present is the following one:

  • Request of Inscription
  • It photocopies of the national identity document
  • It photocopies of the Card of the Social Security
  • It photocopies of the Card of Job application
  • It photocopies of the Last Academic Degree