Forge Your Future

German learns, lives in Germany, studies Official Professional Formation and works in Germany receiving a monthly wage during the 3 years of the formative cycle.

What offers this European program to you of Formation and Work in Germany?

  • GERMAN in an intensive course of 450 hours in center of Studies LEARNS FREE Place the Flowers in Estepona (Malaga – Spain).
  • Professional Formation LIVES IN GERMANY studying and working.
  • You will secure an OFFICIAL TITLE OF PROFESSIONAL FORMATION in Germany, accredited in all Europe
  • YOU WILL WORK in a German company practicing the studies of Professional Formation during the 3 years of the Formative Cycle
  • YOU WILL GAIN a MONTHLY WAGE during the 3 years of Formation

Project ‘Forge Your Future! – Metal You train Hamm/Lippstadt’ Westphalia – Andalusia

As of the next autumn, GERMAN COMPANIES of Hamm, Lippstadt and the environs offer to 13 young people (of 27 years or less) of Andalusia a professional formation of three years REMUNERATED in the electrical and metallurgical industry in GERMANY.

As of the months of August and September of 2015, the young people can make a professional formation in companies of the German region to be manufacture mechanic, industrial, mechanical mechanic of construction, mechanic of processes, mechanic of smelting, mechanic of tools or turner-fresador. To see places available.

After the phase of presentation of their candidacy, the apprentices will prepare themselves of intensive form for the professional formation with GRATUITOUS intensive courses of German during 15 weeks to give birth in center of January of 2015 in of Studies Place the Flowers. Next, the apprentices will do some practical preparatory REMUNERATED of 6 weeks for the professional formation in Germany to make contact first with their future companions in the companies. This will allow them to know the companies in which probably will make their professional formation and become an idea of how they will be lodged during the three years. The professional formation of the young people will begin in August and September of 2015.

In order to realise this project already Central the enterprise Organization of Westphalia account with thirteen companies of the region cooperating with the IG Metall Hamm-Lippstadt Union and the Federal Agency of German Use. The organization of Arbeit education Leben NRW (Work and Life in Rhineland of the North – Westphalia) supports the project of Central the enterprise organization of Westphalia and of the IG Metall Hamm-Lippstadt union to establish a coordination center that prepares the project from mid January of 2015.

How you can score at the Project of Formation?

In order to be able to participate in this project you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • To have between 18 and 27 years
  • To have minimum THAT, although also is worth the baccalaureate
  • Not to have any finished masters
  • To have national identity document of some country of the European Union
  • To have motivation and desire to spend minimum next the 3 years in Germany

He is very favorable to have knowledge or salary made a professional formation in the wished sector, as well as to have car card.

It is not necessary to speak German before the beginning of the project nor to pay nothing to participate

If you are interesado/a, simply it sends an e-mail with your scanned request a:

Unload here your request to you of pre-registration. And if you have some doubt, you can put to you with us in those same post office in touch, by telephone or coming to the Center.

How it will be the formation: Calendar

Opened the term ALREADY Pre-registrations and selection of 15 students.
Only 13 students of the 15 will be engaged
Training center Place the Flowers, Estepona (Malaga)
Of January to the 8 of May of 2015 Gratuitous Intensive course of Alemán
460 hours (4 months)
Training center Place the Flowers, Estepona (Malaga)
of May to Julio of 2015 Practices Remunerated in Westphalia
(6 weeks)
Companies of the metal of Hamm, Lippstadt (Westphalia)
From the 13 to the 27 of Julio of 2015 Gratuitous course of Review of Alemán
(54 hours)
Training center Place the Flowers, Estepona (Malaga)
From August of 2015 during 3 years Contract of Work and Remunerated Formation Germany
Companies of the metal of Hamm, Lippstadt (Westphalia)

What companies participate in the project?

In what you can work?

Profession Number of Places
Mecánico/of a manufacture 1
Mecánico/of a smelting 1
Mecánico/of a tools 3
Mecánico/of a processes 1
Mecánico/a specialized in stamping and conformation 1
Mecánico/a specialized in wood. Specialty movable and decoration of interiors 2
Worker of machine and equipment of production 2
Turner 2

What will happen in Germany?

Arbeit und Leben NRW (Work and Life in Rhineland of the North – Westphalia) help to Central the enterprise organization of Westphalia and to the IG Metall Hamm-Lippstadt union to realise the project. It accompanies to the potential apprentices during the phase of the presentation of his candidacy and gives help in each one of the phases of the project until the beginning of the professional formation in summer of 2015. In addition, Arbeit und Leben NRW is responsible for the future contacts and the advising for the participant companies.

In all Germany, “Forge Your Future! – Metal You train Hamm/Lippstadt” is the only project in the sector of the electrical industry and metallurgical initiate common by interlocutors social. With the purpose of giving “Forge Your Future! – Metal You train Hamm/Lippstadt” a legal basis, IG Metall and the enterprise organization signed a collective agreement that regulates the cooperation between the apprentice and the company in which makes its professional formation. Also, thanks to it, the project has model character. The places of professional formation for the Spanish young people are places that the companies created of additional form.

At the moment the project is in phase of evaluation within the framework of the The program job of my life (the MobiPro-EU) to foment the professional mobility of young people who are interested to make a professional formation and of specialized workers unemployed of Europe. The Job of my Life is a special program of the German Ministry of Work and Social Affairs in cooperation with the central service of positioning for the foreigner of the German office of use (ZAV).

For more information you can consult the page of Arbeit Leben NRW. Also you can print this summary with all the important information.