Packs de Cursos of Summer 2014

This summer there are preparation for you two packs of courses with the knowledge fundamental to complement your curriculum and that you can take advantage of the summer to form and to prepare to you well

Each one of the packs lasts approximated of 120 hours and you can distribute your schedule with the freedom that characterizes our center. As always YOUR YOU DECIDE YOUR SCHEDULE, as much the number of hours to the day as the number of days to the week that you want to come, always within our schedule of opening.

Pack of Courses of Office automation:


The program text editor par excellence. A powerful, flexible and intuitive tool that allows us to realise documents of professional quality in very just a short time.
It contributes tools as the combination of correspondence that facilitates the enterprise mailing


  • Introduction to Word
  • Introduction to Word
  • Basic operations
  • The seen card
  • The help of Office
  • Basic functions of work
  • Text formatting
  • Format of page and document
  • Use of the text tools
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Automatization of tasks


Perhaps the most important tool in the enterprise world and, especially, in the offices. It is a powerful tool that allows to realise all type of mathematical or financial calculations and is able to represent the results in graphs and tables.
The deep knowledge of this tool has become something obligatory nowadays.


  • Introduction to Excel
  • Basic operations
  • To work with cells
  • Format of text and spreadsheets
  • Use of names and external references
  • The help of Office
  • Visualization of work books
  • Formats of leaf
  • More useful tools in Excel
  • Formulas and functions
  • Creation of grácicos


System database manager powerful and intuitive that the maintenance of great amount of information of graphical way allows. It contributes to consultations and forms for the management of the data and flexible information for the impression of the results.


  • Introduction and description of the basic manager of data
  • Fundamental concepts in a basic manager of data
  • Planning and design of a data base
  • Introduction and modification of data
  • The help of Office
  • Visualization and impression of the data
  • Arrangement, archives, index and indexing
  • Maintenance of the data base
  • Interrogation of the data base
  • Maintenance of tables: forms

Pack of Courses of Management:


The program more used by the Spanish companies to manage its daily accounting and to realise the countable closing of computerized form.


  • Introduction to the program
  • Global menu
  • Countable plan of the company
  • Annual accounts
  • The IVA
  • The budgets
  • Analytical
  • Segments
  • Inventories
  • Menu Information
  • Useful menu
  • Menu Checks
  • General information of the countable reform


Program to take of agile form and ordinate the invoices and delivery notes, as much of purchase as of sale of its company. It offers multitude of useful information that will help him to have under control their business.


  • Introduction to the program
  • Global menu
  • Utilities of the program
  • The menu System
  • The menu Warehouse
  • The menu Factory
  • The menu Invoicing
  • The menu Information


Program that allows the effective management of the department of Human Resources of its company. It allows you to manage the main tasks related to the workers, receipts of wages, administrations (Tributary Agency, FOLL), control of incidences, management of labor costs…


  • Introduction to the program
  • Global and Useful menu
  • Tables of the system
  • Discharge and configuration of the collective agreement
  • Creation of companies and management of the lists of the company
  • The workers
  • Contracts
  • Calculation and management of lists
  • Official forms and information


The price of each pack is of 240€ with the materials and manuals including.
The payment in two or three quotas can be divided.

This supply is only valid from the 1 of Julio from 2014 to the 30 of September of 2014