Course of Typing Summer 2013

It is the generation that knows more of computers, but is the one that less fingers uses to write.

Finally this summer you have the possibility that your son/daughter learns to write well.

In the system of learning of it types by computer (ordenografía) that we distributed in this center from the first lesson are to demonstrative videos or explanations that teach the correct form to locate the position of the fingers at the time of writing with the computer or a typewriter and that shows the correct norms to realise the writings that we wish.

The course for the students of greater age consists of three main phases, whereas smallest they remain in first. These are the following:

  • In first stage he appears reproduced the keyboard in the screen. In these subjects the monitor will say the keys to us that we must beat. In addition the program offers a help to us standing out in red color the key that is due to beat.
  • In the second phase, when already certain ease has been obtained, it only appears the text that we will have to write, that will be changed to red color to the speed with which we will have to be writing.
  • In last phase we will only have the text in the screen and we will not have the help of the speaker, although it will be illuminated the text just as in the previous subjects

Content of the course:

We have courses adapted at the age of the student:

  • For smallest: It will learn to use the central row, superior and inferior of the keyboard, later will use the numbers and the capital letters correctly
  • For the majors: It will learn to use the complete keyboard, including accentuated words, capital and the continuous text development with parenthesis punctuations, etc.

Reached pulsations:

Smallest they could reach, when finalizing the course, between 30 and 40 pulsations per minute.

The majors will reach the 220 pulsations per minute.

Characteristics of the course:

  • The courses can be begun at any time during the months of Summer.
  • The student chooses the most advisable schedule to his needs.
  • The duration of each subject for the majors is of about 50 minutes approximately, being able to take a brief rest between paragraph and paragraph.
  • Previous knowledge do not need.