Course of Computer science for Students

This summer we have glided to prepare the students yet what they need to take advantage of the computer as a good tool for the study.

To whom it goes directed the course

This course is thought for Niños/as between the 12 and 17 years.

Schedule of the course

The course will be distributed during 1.5h to the day of Monday through Friday and the student can choose the concrete schedule as long as he is within our schedule of opening:

  • June and September: Of 9:30 h to 13:30 h and 16:00 h to 21:00 h
  • Julio and August: Of 8:30 h to 14:30 h

Price of the course

The course costs 60€ to the month.

This supply is only valid during the months of June, Julio, August and September.

Content of the course

It types:

Nowadays, the correct use of the keyboard has become an activity of first necessity. To know the position well each key and to acquire pulsations will allow to carry out works and to pass notes to clean in less time.


The text processor par excellence. It will allow to write the works of class with a quality of finished professional yet and type of additions to the text: images, tables, schemes, indices, footnotes and a long list of others.


At the time of presenting the work in class, it is far better to do it with an audio-visual support that endorses the presentation. PowerPoint contributes colorful, flexibility and a great number of visual elements to do of a somewhat attractive presentation of information.
Its structure in slides helps to outline the information so that it is learned to extract the fundamental ideas of a text.