Intensive courses of Summer 5 Stars

This Summer we have preparations to you a selection of courses especially thought so that you can complete them in the months of Summer. Although, by all means, they continue being available our amplest fan of formative possibilities.

It is possible to be shelp that in Training center Place the Flowers you have a formation 5 stars:

  • it starsHour flexibility: You are the one who choose the number of daily hours and the schedule so that it is the course the one that adapts the student
  • it starsIndividualized courses: You can begin the course when you want and to follow your own rate, repeating the subjects that costs to you more or accelerating in that they are to you easy.
  • it starsProfessors licensed with great experience that will help you to solve your doubts and will orient to you and advise if you need it.
  • it starsGreat Variety of courses: Specialized courses of Administration of companies and Computer science with several levels
    • Computer science
      • Office automation
      • Programming
      • Design of Webpages
      • Positioning SEO
      • It types
    • Office staff
      • Taxes and Fiscality
      • Accounting and Company
      • Marketing and Commerce
      • Countable applications, of Invoicing and Lists
      • Social networks in the Company
  • it starsPositions individualized: Conditionned classrooms equipped ocn a computer science position for each student.