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Catalogue of courses

In our center you have more than 700 different courses that they are possible to be distributed in 2 different modalities:

  • Actual: You will count on our facilities in center of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) to realise the courses. Always accompanied by our professors with an ample experience not only in teaching, but also in the sector.
  • On line: This modality will allow you to realise the courses from house, being had access to Internet to develop the matter and to contact with the tutor.

In addition you can Free of charge realise any course by means of the advantages to companies. Ponte in touch with us and informs to you.

Listing of Courses:

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224 Found Courses

MatterName of CourseModalityHoursCode
Administration and OfficeOffice staff of ManagementActual52010020
Administration and OfficeCountable and Financial analysisActual9010026
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser I, II and IIIActual13010003
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser II: PERSONAL INCOME TAX and Imposed on successions and donationsActual4510001
Administration and OfficeFiscal adviser III: IVA and Taxes of patrimonial transmissions and documented Legal transactionsActual4010002
Administration and OfficeYeomanActual8010023
Administration and OfficeGeneral accounting InformatizadaActual17010025
Administration and OfficeAccounting for SocietiesActual9010028
Administration and OfficeContaplus versus. EliteActual2010007
Administration and OfficeCourse of Lists: Social hiring, Lists, Insurances and NominaplusActual7010012
Administration and OfficePractical course of the Personal income taxActual5010652
Administration and OfficeCourse Superior of Financial AccountingActual12010006
Administration and OfficeCOURSE SUPERIOR OF APPLIED FINANCESActual8010031
Administration and OfficeExpert in Management accounting of the CompanyActual24010027
Administration and OfficeFacturaplus versus. EliteActual2010008
Administration and OfficeComputerized management accounting (Contaplus and Facturaplus versus Elite)Actual4010009
Administration and OfficeManagement of Personnel: Hiring Social Lists and InsurancesActual5010010
Administration and OfficeComputerized management of Companies (Contaplus, Facturaplus and Nominaplus versus EliteActual7010017
Administration and OfficeIntroduction to the AccountingActual4010004
Administration and OfficePERSONAL INCOME TAX. Complete Practical course.Actual3510030
Administration and OfficeMasters in Tributary Management accounting and of CompaniesActual43010029
Administration and OfficeMasters in Fiscal and Countable ManagementActual30010018
Administration and OfficeNominaplus versus. EliteActual3010011
Administration and OfficeGeneral plan Contable 2008Actual8010005
Administration and OfficeHuman resourcesActual2010013
Administration and OfficeSecretaryship of DirectionActual52010021
Administration and OfficeComputer science secretaryshipActual50010022
Administration and OfficeAdministrative techniques of TransactionActual3010014
Administration and OfficeTechniques of Secretaryship of DirectionActual5010015
Administration and OfficeTechnician of ManagementActual70010019
Administration and OfficeLabor technician (Social Hiring, Lists and Insurances, Human Nominaplus and Recursos)Actual10010024
AlemánAdvanced German C1.1 levelActual3010342
AlemánAdvanced German C1.2 levelActual3010343
AlemánAdvanced German C1.3 levelActual3010344
AlemánIntermediate German B2.1 high levelActual3010339
AlemánIntermediate German B2.2 high levelActual3010340
AlemánIntermediate German B2.3 high levelActual3010341
AlemánIntermediate German Low A2.1 levelActual3010333
AlemánIntermediate German Low A2.2 levelActual3010334
AlemánIntermediate German Low A2.3 levelActual3010335
AlemánIntermediate German B1.1 levelActual3010336
AlemánIntermediate German B1.2 levelActual3010337
AlemánIntermediate German B1.3 levelActual3010338
AlemánNascent German A1.1 levelActual3010330
AlemánNascent German A1.2 levelActual3010331
AlemánNascent German A1.3 levelActual3010332
FeedingUpdate of the Card of Food ManipulatorActual310051
FeedingAllergens and Dietary intolerances Common ModuleActual310054
FeedingAllergens and Dietary intolerances Module Control systemActual310055
FeedingFeeding and Nutrition for the Third Age **Actual5010047
FeedingNourishing quality. Implantation of Norma ISO 22,000:2005 **Actual8510049
FeedingFood food hygiene and ManipulationActual610045
FeedingIntroduction to the Dietetic Nutrition andActual2010052
FeedingFood manipulator: Products of the Sea **Actual5010048
FeedingDietetic nutrition and **Actual8510050
FeedingSpecialized Dietetic nutrition and in the Stages of lifeActual5010053
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.1 levelActual3010357
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.2 levelActual3010358
ChineseChinese Advanced C1.3 levelActual3010359
ChineseChinese Interval B2.1 high levelActual3010354
ChineseChinese Interval B2.2 high levelActual3010355
ChineseChinese Interval B2.3 high levelActual3010356
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.1 levelActual3010348
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.2 levelActual3010349
ChineseChinese Interval Low A2.3 levelActual3010350
ChineseChinese Interval B1.1 levelActual3010351
ChineseChinese Interval B1.2 levelActual3010352
ChineseChinese Interval B1.3 levelActual3010353
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.1 levelActual3010345
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.2 levelActual3010346
ChineseChinese Nascent A1.3 levelActual3010347
CommerceAnimation of the Point of sale: MerchandisingActual4010072
CommerceAudit of QualityActual3010074
CommerceThe Showcase as Tool of SaleActual2010079
CommerceFoundations of Marketing Applied to the Commercial ActivityActual2010081
CommerceCommercial interior design. To sell from the ImageActual2010087
CommerceIntroduction to Marketing in Internet: Marketing 2.0Actual2010089
CommerceThe Strategy in the Commercial ActivityActual2010090
CommerceThe Sale: Foundations for its ManagementActual2010091
CommerceBasic legislation of the CommerceActual2010092
CommercePublicity in the Point of saleActual2010097
CommerceTechniques of Commercial InvestigationActual2010101
CommerceWeb 2,0 and Social NetworksActual4010103
CommerceWeb 2,0 and Social Networks - AndroidActual4010104
ConstructionMap reading in Construction **Actual8510125
ConstructionPractical manual of the Help of Topography **Actual8510126
ConstructionQuick 8.7Actual2010127
ConstructionQuick Advanced 8.7Actual2010128
StraightAudit of the LOPD **Actual5010138
StraightAudit and Protection of Data in the Company **Actual18010139
StraightCivil straight Real estate **Actual8510140
StraightStraight City-planning. Doctrine, Legislation and Jurisprudence **Actual18010143
StraightImplantation of the LOPD in the Company **Actual8510146
StraightImplantation of the Plan of Equality in the Company **Actual8510166
StraightIntroduction to the LOPD and System of Quality in the Company. Sector Cleaning **Actual8510167
StraightThe New Technologies in the Communication. Company Electrónica and Electronic Factura **Actual8510168
StraightLaw of Sub-contracting in the Sector of the Construction **Actual8510170
StraightStatutory law of Protection of Data **Actual8510171
StraightBasic manual of the LOPD **Actual5010172
StraightAdministrative procedure **Actual8510174
StraightContentious-administrative procedure **Actual8510175
StraightProtection of Data in the Company **Actual18010176
StraightVideovigilancia in the Protection of Data **Actual5010177
Design CAD - Multimedia3D Studio MAXActual4010197
Design CAD - MultimediaAdobe Indesign CS4Actual4010199
Design CAD - MultimediaAdobe Premiere Pro CS4Actual2010201
Design CAD - MultimediaAutoCAD 2010Actual5010203
Design CAD - MultimediaConcepts and Foundations of Design 3DActual5010204
Design CAD - MultimediaCorelDraw X5Actual6010206
Design CAD - MultimediaCorelDraw X5 - AndroidActual6010207
Design CAD - MultimediaGraphical design - Photoshop CS5 - CorelDraw X5Actual12010209
Design CAD - MultimediaFlashActual2510214
Design CAD - MultimediaMacroaverage DirectorActual4010211
Design CAD - MultimediaMasters in Applications MultimediaActual18010215
Design CAD - MultimediaPhotoshop CS6Actual6010212
Design CAD - MultimediaPinnacle StudioActual4010213
Design Web - InternetBootstrap 4Actual4010704
Design Web - InternetCreation of Webpages with WordpressActual3010249
Design Web - InternetDesign and Development Web with HTML5Actual2010241
Design Web - InternetDesign and Development Web with HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS4Actual6010242
Design Web - InternetDreamweaver CS4Actual4010243
Design Web - InternetFreeHand MXActual4010244
Design Web - InternetFrontpage 2002Actual3010245
Design Web - InternetInternet and its applicationsActual3010248
Design Web - InternetJavascriptActual8010246
Design Web - InternetMasters in Design and Creation of WebpagesActual14010247
Design Web - InternetSearch engine optimization (SEO)Actual3010250
Design Web - InternetProgramming in PHPActual8010481
TeachingClasses of SupportActualVariable10500
Spanish for ForeignersSpanish for ForeignersActual3010375
FinancierFiscal adviser I: General law Tributaria, local Corporation tax and TaxesActual4510000
FinancierPreparation MIFID IIActual9010032
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.1 levelActual3010327
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.2 levelActual3010328
FrenchFrancés Avanzado C1.3 levelActual3010329
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.1 levelActual3010324
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.2 levelActual3010325
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Alto B2.3 levelActual3010326
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.1 levelActual3010318
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.2 levelActual3010319
FrenchFrancés Intermedio Bajo A2.3 levelActual3010320
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.1 levelActual3010321
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.2 levelActual3010322
FrenchFrancés Intermedio B1.3 levelActual3010323
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.1 levelActual3010315
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.2 levelActual3010316
FrenchFrancés Principiante A1.3 levelActual3010317
Directive abilitiesTO SPEAK IN PUBLIC IS EASYActual2010653
Computer scienceAccess 2010Actual5510386
Computer scienceAccess 2010 AndroidActual4010387
Computer scienceExcel 2010Actual5510390
Computer scienceExcel 2010 AndroidActual4010391
Computer scienceComputer science for StudentsActualVariable10651
Computer scienceComputer science for ChildrenActualVariable10414
Computer scienceInitiation to Computer scienceActual6010413
Computer scienceBasic handling of the ComputerActualVariable10415
Computer scienceMasters in Applications Offices automationActual20010410
Computer scienceIt typesActual14010412
Computer scienceMicrosoft Office 2010Actual14010395
Computer scienceMicrosoft Outlook 2007Actual2010398
Computer scienceMicrosoft PowerPoint 2010Actual2010400
Computer scienceMicrosoft ProjectActual4010392
Computer scienceMicrosoft PublisherActual4010393
Computer scienceMicrosoft Word 2010Actual4010408
Computer scienceMicrosoft Word 2010 - AndroidActual4010409
Computer scienceComputer science operatorActual8010411
Computer scienceQuick 8.7Actual2010127
Computer scienceQuick Advanced 8.7Actual2010128
Computer scienceSCRATCH (computer science programming of video-games) BASIC LEVELActual2010705
Computer scienceWeb 2,0 and Social NetworksActual4010103
Computer scienceWeb 2,0 and Social Networks - AndroidActual4010104
Computer scienceWindows 7Actual3010401
EnglishEnglish Advanced C1.1 levelActual3010312
EnglishEnglish Advanced C1.2 levelActual3010313
EnglishEnglish Advanced C1.3 levelActual3010314
EnglishEnglish Interval B2.1 high levelActual3010309
EnglishEnglish Interval B2.2 high levelActual3010310
EnglishEnglish Interval B2.3 high levelActual3010311
EnglishEnglish Interval Low A2.1 levelActual3010303
EnglishEnglish Interval Low A2.2 levelActual3010304
EnglishEnglish Interval Low A2.3 levelActual3010305
EnglishEnglish Interval B1.1 levelActual3010306
EnglishEnglish Interval B1.2 levelActual3010307
EnglishEnglish Interval B1.3 levelActual3010308
EnglishEnglish Nascent A1.1 levelActual3010300
EnglishEnglish Nascent A1.2 levelActual3010301
EnglishEnglish Nascent A1.3 levelActual3010302
ItalianItalian Advanced C1.1 levelActual3010372
ItalianItalian Advanced C1.2 levelActual3010373
ItalianItalian Advanced C1.3 levelActual3010374
ItalianItalian Interval B2.1 high levelActual3010369
ItalianItalian Interval B2.2 high levelActual3010370
ItalianItalian Interval B2.3 high levelActual3010371
ItalianItalian Interval Low A2.1 levelActual3010363
ItalianItalian Interval Low A2.2 levelActual3010364
ItalianItalian Interval Low A2.3 levelActual3010365
ItalianItalian Interval B1.1 levelActual3010366
ItalianItalian Interval B1.2 levelActual3010367
ItalianItalian Interval B1.3 levelActual3010368
ItalianItalian Nascent A1.1 levelActual3010360
ItalianItalian Nascent A1.2 levelActual3010361
ItalianItalian Nascent A1.3 levelActual3010362
Gardening - AgrarianPlant health product applicator (Basic Level)Actual2510701
Gardening - AgrarianPlant health product applicator (Qualified Level)Actual7210702
Other CoursesInstructor course of Chess FADAActual1510654
ProgrammingC# .NET 2005Actual8010479
ProgrammingProgramming of ApplicationsActual12010482
ProgrammingProgramming in JavaActual8010480
ProgrammingProgramming in PHPActual8010481
RussianNascent Russian A1.1 levelActual3010376
RussianNascent Russian A1.2 levelActual3010377
RussianNascent Russian A1.3 levelActual3010378
HealthMaintenance of Swimming pools of collective useActual2510703
Security - PreventionCourse of how to elaborate Plan **Actual5010444
Service to the CommunityPlant health product applicator (Basic Level)Actual2510701
Service to the CommunityPlant health product applicator (Qualified Level)Actual7210702
Social AverageCommunity Manager on the Web 2,0 and Social NetworksActual3010106
Social AverageCommunity Social Manager, Networks and Marketing 2.0Actual4010107
Social AverageFacebook for Companies and EntrepreneursActual3010109
Social AverageHootsuite: Managing Social MeansActual3010110
Social AverageTwitter in the CompanyActual3010108

**: Group courses. A minimum number of students is demanded to be able to initiate them.