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Diververano 2015

Diververano 2015

This summer we want that the children spend an funny morning and who in addition they use the computer science resources, they learn English, they make experiments, manualidades and that also give a review to the learned thing throughout the school year.

For that reason we have organized Diververano 2015: A course thought for children and children of 4 to 12 years. If your hijo/a has another age, you can consult other possibilities to us.

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Factory of programming of Android applications

Factory of programming of Android Applications

Every day we demanded more functionality to our movable devices or tablets. The market of applications for mobiles is very extensive and lies down to grow every day.

If you are of that not always it finds an application that covers its needs and you want to do your own application to you, you wish to turn the development of applications as your profession, or simply you have desire to learn; we have for you, throughout the month of Julio of 2015 a factory of Introduction to the programming in Java of applications for Android devices where you will learn the structure and the basic techniques of programming to develop Apps.

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Factory of programming of Wordpress Subjects

Factory of Programming of WordPress Subjects

Wordpress offers a platform of very simple handling so that your clients manage their own contents and, for the programmers, exists a very active community that are continuously improving and documenting all the functionalities that the work frame offers.

If you want to dedicate you to the programming professional Web and want to base your work in this tool only lacks you to know how to create your own subjects to be able to offer to your clients aesthetic and the functionality who always have wished.

During the month of Julio you will be able to participate in our First practical Factory of Initiation to the programming of WordPress subjects where you will learn of an interactive way the bases necessary to create your own subject.

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Courses of Computer science and Office staff of Summer 2015

Courses of Computer science – Special Summer 2015

This summer you do not lose the opportunity to extend your formation in Computer science with these courses especially adapted for the summer!

We offer courses to you to improve your yield in the office, to extend the scope of your business to Internet or simply of completing your formation:

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Classes of preparation for the tests from Access to Degrees and University

Tests of Access

Preparation of the tests that require each one of the entrance examinations to the formative cycles or the obtaining of titles of Baccalaureate or E.S.O.

We offer a continuous evaluation of the student, simulation of examinations, resolution of exercises, support in the management of the requests and all the necessary one to achieve your success.


Classes of English, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish for foreigners of reduced and with classes of conversation, oriented groups to the domain of the acutal language.

Individual courses of Office staff and Computer science


Courses individualized with methodology multimedia in which you have total freedom to choose your own schedule within our aperture times.
You have to your disposition an ample fan with more than 700 courses.

Classes of Support of Primary, THAT and University

Classes of Support

Classes of support for students of primary, E.S.O and Baccalaureate with an ample fan of subjects between which to choose.

Resolution of doubts, preparation of future examinations and extension of agenda