Classes of Preparation 2017

You are in time to prepare for the tests of this year 2017 a to you:

You can… You are in time to secure your title of Baccalaureate or E.S.O or to accede as much to the University as to Formative Cycles.

I can begin the preparation now to present this same year to me 2017?

Yes. Now new groups have opened themselves, to which you will be able incorporates to you at any time.


How many hours of classes I will need?

Each test is different, and have different subjects, reason why you will have to know first what you appear, and the tests that contain the examination.

On the other hand, the level of alumno/a that each has when the preparation begins is different. For that reason, we oriented to you so that only you notes to the subjects that really you need, of customized form.


What tests are those that you prepare?

  • Access to the University for Majors of 25 years
  • Access to formative Cycles of degree average and superior
  • Free test of Baccalaureate for majors of 20 years
  • Free test of the Graduated Title of in E.S.O.


You could orient to Me and to advise which would be the test that better or more quickly could prepare this year to me 2017?

By all means, alumno/a is very important to analyze the situation of each, and to advise the possibilities to him that it has if so concrete to obtain or an academic title of baccalaureate, THAT, or to surpass the university entrance exam or to a cycle of average degree or a cycle of degree superior.

You only must call us to number 952 800 491, in office schedule: 9:30 h to 13:30 h or in the evening of 16:30 h to 20:30 h. Also you can do it by means of our e-mail: We will take care of, giving you an appointment to you personally with the professor in charge of the tests.


I have been long time without studying, I will be able?

That is the question that does to us more, only I will comment the Results of previous years, in the majority of the approved tests a 100% of which they appeared to the examinations.

Spirit, that you can also!