Term of inscription for examination

Tomorrow the Term is opened to present the requests for the Free Test of Baccalaureate for Majors of 20 years.

In particular, the term to present your requests is from the 10 to the 23 of February of 2017 for the call of April.

The request you must FILL UP it BY Internet through connection of Virtual Secretariat of the Meeting of Andalusia.

I remember that if you want to you to confirm subjects, you will have to present an academic certification, that is asked for in the Institute where you made the baccalaureate. That certification, will be necessary to enclose it to the request. Reason why you must request it already, so that not pass the term.

When you have stuffed the request and with all the documentation you can present it of several forms:

  1. Giving in center chosen it as first option of the listing of centers that supply these tests. It is important that selections those centers that supply the tests for the modality of Baccalaureate that interests to you.
  2. Sending it by email postal certificate to the teaching institution, always with the request and its copy sealed in Post office with the date of shipment before introducing it in on. This way you can conserve your copy as defense.
  3. To give your documentation in the registries of any administrative agency that belongs to the General Administration of the State, to anyone of the Administrations of the Autonomous regions and to the local organizations. This option is less recommendable by the time that in center passes between your delivery and the reception of your documentation
  4. With digital certificate through Internet.

One of most advisable, according to our opinion is to do it with the digital certificate. If you do not have digital certificate, then directly present it in person in the Institute first that you put to realise the test in the request (they will seal and give the defense there to you).

As always, if you have any doubt, you can consult with us, as much in our Training center in Estepona, as by means of e-mail or in these commentaries.

Much Spirit to todos/as.