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Gratuitous courses

In center of Studies Place the Flowers we offer three forms to you so that your courses are gratuitous:

Gratuitous courses for Unemployed (Courses F.P.E)

These gratuitous courses fund through the Council of Use and New Technologies of the Meeting of Andalusia European Social Bottom. As center accredited by the Meeting, every year we generally distributed professional training courseses for the Use directed to Unemployed that, according to the course, they will end up realising practical in companies.

These courses must as objective form to desempleados/as in specialties that correspond with an occupation and to provide a degree to them that facilitates the incorporation to him to the labor world. There will be other and specialization courseses for prepararlos/as completely in a profession. They are practical courses and totally focused to carry out a job.

Schedule and Duration:
These courses begin annually when the formation projects are approved. Its schedule usually is of 5 hours daily in the morning, and its Duration between 440 and 900 hours, according to specialty.


Gratuitous courses for Independent Workers and

These courses are totally gratuitous and are funded by the Ministry of Use and Social Security. As accredited center, every year courses of different matters are distributed in our diverse facilities.

These courses fit dento of the subsystem of professional formation for the use whose objective is to universalise the access of the people workers, occupied and unemployed, and of the companies to the formation.

The objective is to as much bring up to date the workers on another's account as to the independent ones in present time matters, as much to make more competitive and modern the company as so that it contributes to the personal and professional development of the worker strengthening or improving his job.

Schedule and Duration:
These courses begin periodically throughout the year when the Plans of Formation are approved. Its schedule always is out of work and its duration oscillates between 20 and 120 hours, according to the matter.


Discounted courses

This system consists of facilitating to the companies, the development of programs of formation for its workers, by means of a procedure that allows to take them to end and to plan the formation that needs without having to adjust to the annual calls with a catalogue of courses closed.

This model of formation goes directed to all type of companies and groups that have some worker in General Regime of the Social Security. Each company enjoys an annual and noncumulative economic bottom for the continuous formation and can choose what formation wants to do, with what contents, how and when it does. Following the amount that it has available it will be able to choose between the ample catalogue of courses that we offer, in the modality that wishes