I Whatsapp Factory

The technology advances very quickly and the society advances with her, demanding that is used for, every time, more and more things of our daily life. In Training center Place the Flowers we do not want that you remain back and we are the commitment this year old to distribute short factories periodically so that you can be learning them all or that one that interests to you. We helped you not to be straggler!

When winning popularity the Smartphones has appeared an application that allows to communicate free of charge. That application is not WhatsApp and has obtained that the majority no longer sends messages SMS text and, in many cases, realise calls either. Now if you do not have WhatsApp you are not communicated and, if you do not know to use it, is as if you did not have it.

This factory is centered in the WhatsApp application and has a perspective 100% practice in which they will step by step be explained how to carry out the tasks of this application so that you can remove more starting off to him for your mobile.


The factory will be Friday 12 of September of 2014 of 17:00 h to 18:30 h




  • To create and to change contacts
  • Installation and configuration of WhatsApp
    • To change my state
    • To change my image
  • To send messages
    • To initiate a conversation versus Responding
    • Messages of text and Messages of voice
    • To add Emoticons
    • Shipment of images and other archives
  • Work with Groups
    • To create a conversation in group
    • To add to a person to an existing group
  • To eliminate a conversation
    • To drain the old text of a conversation
    • To eliminate a conversation
    • To leave a group
  • Resolution of doubts