Factory of elimination of virus and malware

The use more and more extended and regular of Internet has caused the appearance and diversification of all type of virus and hostile software, and not always our equipment is preparations to defend itself.

, Often in agreement we used our computer to sail, they are appearing bars of tools wished in our navigator or do not appear installed in our computer programs that show windows nonasked for. All this software finishes by relentizar our equipment and, often, it forces to take to our equipment to a friend or specialized center to us so that it fixes the situation to us.

This factory is centered in the use of anti-virus and other tools specialized in eliminating virus and hostile software. It has a practical perspective in which they will step by step be explained how to realise the search, where appropriate, and the elimination of virus, spyware and malware generally.


The factory will be Friday 26 of September of 2014 of 17:00 h to 18:30 h




  • Types of hostile Software
  • The anti-virus
    • Of what it protects to us
    • Gratuitous anti-virus versus Anti-virus of payment
  • Analysis and elimination of threats
  • Other specialized tools