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Course of Allergens and Dietary intolerances




European Regulation 1169/11 establishes as obligatory that the consumer has access to the information on the ingredients of forced declaration in All the foods, packagings or no, including the make its available in bars and restaurants, school cafeterias or hospitals, and the sold ones in bulk.
For this reason, all the trabajadores/as of the establishment must know the diseases, their risks, the law, its obligations and the methods to maintain under a rigorous control the ingredients of each plate.

This course is directed to all worker in nourishing establishments who offers packaged products or not (or a food hotel, restaurant, bar, cafeteria, ice-cream shop, supermarket, store, etc).

The duration of the course is of 3 hours and in him you will learn a:

  • New norms for foods without packaging.
  • Allergies and Intolerances you would feed. Differences.
  • The 14 allergens.
  • How to facilitate the information.
  • Key points in the information of allergens.


To obtain the knowledge necessary to be able to inform to the consuming one on the presence in foods of substances susceptible to cause to allergies and intolerances, adapted to the new norm of allergens European Regulation the EU 1169/2011, of forced fulfillment from the 13/12/2014 on allergens in the nourishing sector.
– To know the mechanisms the main allergies and dietary intolerances.
– To acquire knowledge of main foods and ingredients implied in them.
– To know how to inform to the client on the possible present allergens in products or plates that the establishment offers.
– To know the adverse reactions foods and the protocols action for the emergency attendance an allergic one.


When finalizing the course the student will obtain a certificate of advantage of the course whenever it has surpassed 80% of attendance and the final test with the required minimum level.

Next Date of the Course:

26,27 and 28 of JUNE