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Course of Food Manipulator

Why I need the Certificate food Manipulation?

Now called Certificate of accreditation in the formation of food manipulation, before Membership card of Manipulator is necessary to be able to work in any activity related to the Food Manipulation. This formation is indispensable by the Sanitary Authorities.


When I have to make a course of Food hygiene and Food Manipulation?

When a work of any type evolves who is related to the food manipulation. Also it they can request the Sanitary Authorities for the opening of a business.


The certificate of Food Manipulator expired?

The nonexpired certificate, but is subject to a continuous formation. This means that the companies, within their plans of hygiene, must have a Plan of Formation and try that their employees are updated in these subjects, reason why every 2 years approximately an update or recycling is due to do of the knowledge acquired during the formation.


What me can require the Sanitary Authorities?

That you credit by means of the obtaining of a certificate of food manipulator that you have received formation in the matter of Food hygiene and Manipulation of Foods. And that from the first received formation, you have maintained a continued formation of the same every 2 years approximately.


Does the Certificate of Food Manipulator have Legal Validity?

The certificates of Food Manipulator who sends Training center Place of Flores S.C have total validity in all the Spanish territory since they fulfill the effective norm: RD 109/2010 of 5 of February, B.O.E number 44; and in agreement with the Regulation (EC) number 852/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 29 of April regarding the hygiene of nutritional products.

Next Date of the Course:

Póximo Monday 25 of February to the 10:00 a.m.