Factory of programming of Android applications

Every day we demanded more functionality to our movable devices or tablets. The market of applications for mobiles is very extensive and lies down to grow every day.

If you are of that not always it finds an application that covers its needs and you want to do your own application to you, you wish to turn the development of applications as your profession, or simply you have desire to learn; we have for you, throughout the month of Julio of 2015 a factory of Introduction to the programming in Java of applications for Android devices where you will learn the structure and the basic techniques of programming to develop Apps.

Advised previous knowledge

So that you can be useful adequately the knowledge distributed in the factory it is necessary to have knowledge of programming oriented to objetoslos and is very recommendable to know the Java language.

Didactic content of the factory:

  • Service life of an application and fundamental Classes: In this priemra session we will know the states through which it passes any App and the classes that we will need to program to create them.
  • Graphical interface: In this session we will learn to create the graphical interface with which it will interact our users, as well as all the components that form them.
  • Options of a App and changes of direction: In this session we will learn to add functionality to the menus of options of our App as well as to create applications that adapt to the changes of direction of the device.
  • Location and Internationalization: Nowadays we cannot be limited our language. In this session we will learn how to be able to adapt texts and formats of dates and currency of the application to the language that is formed in the device.
  • Resources: Storage of the information and devices: As optional content is seen how to store the data that we need and how to accede to the elements hardware of the device (as the camera or GPS)

Throughout all the factory, each student will be developing an application.

Date of beginning:

The factory will begin the 10 of Julio of 2015

Schedule of the course:

Friday Of 8:30 h to 10:30 h

The factory is programmed to be 2 hours to the week during which the explanation of the contents programmed for that session will be realised and the doubts will be solved that can arise at the time of putting in practice the learned thing in the previous sessions.