Factory of programming of Wordpress Subjects

Wordpress offers a platform of very simple handling so that your clients manage their own contents and, for the programmers, exists a very active community that are continuously improving and documenting all the functionalities that the work frame offers.

If you want to dedicate you to the programming professional Web and want to base your work in this tool only lacks you to know how to create your own subjects to be able to offer to your clients aesthetic and the functionality who always have wished.

During the month of Julio you will be able to participate in our First practical Factory of Initiation to the programming of WordPress subjects where you will learn of an interactive way the bases necessary to create your own subject.

Advised previous knowledge

So that you can be useful adequately the knowledge distributed in the factory it is necessary to have knowledge of languages HTML and CSS as well as a basic handling of PHP.

Didactic content of the factory:

  • Concepts of WordPress. Structure of Files of a subject: In this session we will know the basic concepts WordPress and will learn the files that compose a subject, which are the fundamental ones and in what moments is used each of them.
  • Structure of the code. Loop and the use of groups: This session we will learn to create the basic files to create a subject from zero or to base to us on one already done.
  • Options and Functionality offered by the subject: file functions.php: What marks the difference is that the subject adapts seemingly not only to the exigencies of the client, but exactly offers the functionality that it looks for. In this session we will learn to personalize the functionality.
  • Location and Internationalization: Nowadays we cannot be limited our language. In this session we will learn how to be able to adapt texts of the subject to the language of the client.

Throughout all the factory he will be developed an example subject little by little and each student will be able to develop his personal subject.

Date of beginning:

The factory will begin the 10 of Julio of 2015

Schedule of the course:

Friday Of 8:30 h to 10:30 h

The factory is programmed to be 2 hours to the week during which the explanation of the contents programmed for that session will be realised and the doubts will be solved that can arise at the time of putting in practice the learned thing in the previous sessions.