Factory of programming of Video-games in Java for nascent

If you have programming knowledge and you like the video-games but you do not know how you could program your own video-game this factory interests to you:

During the month of Julio you will be able to participate in our First practical Factory of programming of Video-games 2D in Java for nascent.

Advised previous knowledge

So that you can take advantage of adequately the knowledge distributed in the factory is necessary to have programming knowledge, being very recommendable to have knowledge of object-oriented programming (POO).

The factory will be realised in Java reason why, if already you know that programming language you obtain results much more fast, although the learned thing can be transferred without much effort to any other programming language OO.

Didactic content of the factory:

  • Basic structure of all video-game: In this session we will see the first approach Game and will see how the capture of the entrance by keyboard is realised in Java.
  • Sprites and Animaciones: This session will be oriented to the graphical design of the video-game. This will be obtained with the Sprite objects, optimized using Sprite-sheets and we will see how create animations with these elements
  • Detection of collisions: It is not possible to be played any video-game if we do not realize of when two objects of my world are touched. Therefore, in this session we will learn the mathematical formulas that if will tell us there is a collision or no.
  • More precise Game: With the seen basic structure until now, our video-game depends too much on the process capacity of our equipment. In this session we will learn techniques of programming of Game that try as far as possible to correct the dependencies between the speed of cycle of Game and frames per second of our game.
  • Sound: No game is complete without sound, reason why our factory could not either be it without seeing how sound in a Java program can be included.

Throughout all the factory it will little by little be programmed the classic Asteroid video-game by his limited complexity. Nevertheless, each student will be able to program the game that is desired to him.

Date of beginning:

The factory will begin the 10 of Julio of 2015

Schedule of the course:

Friday Of 11:30 h to 14:30 h

The factory is programmed to be 3 hours to the week during which the explanation of the contents programmed for that session will be realised and the doubts will be solved that can arise at the time of putting in practice the learned thing in the previous sessions.