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Professional card of the Construction

This official course allows you to ask for your professional card of the construction, with the formation in the matter of prevention of labor risks for any specialty. One does not demand any degree nor previous professional experience.

Validity and Accreditation of the course:

The student will be able to credit the official validity of the formation received regarding prevention of labor risks in the specialty chosen by means of the accrediting diploma sent by the accredited and authorized organization to distribute the formation, in agreement with the effective norm in agreement with the arranged thing in the effective General Agreement of the Sector of the Construction (2012-2016).

Content of the Course

The course lasts of 20 hours actual distributed of the following form:

  • Common block of offices: 14 hours
  • Specific blocks: 6 hours

You decide if you want to only receive the complete formation or the specific part that you need, in case you have already received the formation of the block common in another specialty.

Specializations Available

With us you have all the specializations to your reach, consults to us on which it interests to you.

Facilities of payment:

The complete course of 20 hours, of any specialty can be discounted by means of the Tripartite Foundation so that he would be gratuitous as much for the worker as for the company.

Next Date of the Course:

Specialties Masonry and Painting: 12 of May of 2017