course To speak in Public is Easy

You think that one does not occur or to speak you before a public or certain situations? You feel scenic fear? You need help to prepare a presentation?

With our new course “To speak in Public it is Easy” you will overcome all the fears, typical resistance or doubts at the time of speaking before several people. You will learn the techniques necessary to elaborate suitable contents and the techniques necessary to suitably express with the use of the voice and the nonverbal expression. Finally, also you will learn how to use audio-visual means of support, as well as small tricks well to use of attractive form your presentations.

Characteristics of the course

To speak in Public is Easy is raised so that the classes are actual and in a small group of students. In addition, with this course you will have the necessary training stops:

  • To surpass a work interview
  • To realise the commercialization of products of your company, and the communication between the people who are related to her (your equipment, your suppliers, mass media…)
  • To develop the academic activity for educational that wants to perfect their exhibitions in public. /li>
  • To form to students for the exhibitions of its works, oral examinations, defense of its projects…

Schedule of the course:

The course “To speak in Public is Easy” will begin the 20 of November, is planned so that it lasts considered of 20 hours and it will distribute Fridays of 16:00 h to 21:00 h and Saturdays of 9:00 h to 14:00 h.


    • Techniques of Verbal Communication:
      • Breathing
      • Vocalization-Articulation
      • Intonation
      • Pauses
    • Techniques of nonVerbal Communication:
      • Corporal position
      • Proxémica and Cronémica
      • Gestualidad and Kinestesia
    • Personal image
  • CONTAINED module:
    • Elaboration and structure of the Message:
      • According to intention
      • According to duration or format
      • According to public and gauging
    • Types of format or exhibition:
      • Interviews and branding personal
      • Elevator pich: networking
      • Pecha kucha: Commercial presentations
      • Conferences – communications
      • Meetings
      • Video-meetings
  • Module Presentología ZEN
    • Software presentations
    • Of “docu-point” upon presentment of Impact
    • Adaptation of content to the visual channel
    • and sound?
    • Correct handling of the image
    • why to call “ZEN” to a presentation?
  • Module Test and Feedback
    • Individual exhibition
    • Direct and indirect feedback
    • It listens Active
    • Management of the Conflict: interrelation with the public