Term of inscription for examination

The term for the request of inscription in the university entrance exam for Majors of 25 years is already open corresponding to the call of April of 2017.

The term, in particular, is from the 1 to the 17 of March of 2017 both including.

I remember that if you want to you to confirm subjects, you will have to present an academic or labor certification, that there is to solicit in the Institute where you made the Baccalaureate or, in the Social Security (following the case). Once you have it is necessary to enclose it to the request, reason why IT IS NECESSARY TO REQUEST IT ALREADY so that not pass the term.

It is obligatory to fill up the request by Internet, and is necessary to do it in the University where you want to test. Here I leave some connections you that already are available. Little by little I will be updating the list with more Universities: