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Course of Plant health product Applicator (pesticides)

The Membership card of Plant health product Applicator is obligatory for all the personnel who manipulates plant health products; whether one is the personnel of the companies that serve of treatment with pesticides or professional applicators, as in the cases in that the treatment is realised by the own farmer in its operation (Real Decreto 1311/2012, of 14 September, by that settles down the action frame to secure a sustainable use of plant health products).

This course is destined principalmentea farmers, gardeners, storekeepers, salesmen and distributors.

For the obtaining of the membership card of product manipulator it is necessary the overcoming and attendance to the course of actual formation.

To whom it goes directed:

2 types of courses exist:

  • Basic level (25 hours actual): Directed to the auxiliary personnel of terrestrial and aerial treatments, establishments of storage, sale or distribution of products. And to the farmers who realise them in their own operation without using auxiliary personnel and using pesticides nonclassified as very toxic.
  • Qualified level (60 hours actual): directed to the people in charge of the equipment of terrestrial treatment, whereas clause as such the technical personnel in charge of the correct execution of these. Also directed to all the personnel who take part in the manufacture process, to the personnel responsible for the storage, distribution or sale of plant health products and to the farmers who realise them in their own operation using personal help and using pesticides nonclassified as very toxic.


The certificate that grants the basic course is necessary for the use of pesticides that are not considered as very toxic, in which case would be necessary to realise the course of advanced level.

Content of the course:

  • Introduction. Agriculture and the pesticides
  • The plagues. Methods of control. Average of defense phytosanitary
  • Plant health products: Description and majorities
  • Danger of plant health products and their residues
  • Risks derived from the plant health product use
  • Poisonings and other effects on the health. First help
  • Phytosanitary treatments. Equipment of application
  • Cleaning, maintenance, regulation and revision of the equipment
  • Level of exhibition of the worker: Preventive measures and of protection in the product use
  • Relation work-health: Normative on prevention of labor risks
  • Good environmental practices: Environmental sensitization
  • Protection of the Environment and elimination of empty packages
  • Principles of the trazabilidad. Requirements in the matter of hygiene
  • Good fitosaniatarias practices: Interpretation of the labelling and cards of security data
  • Norm that affects to the plant health product use. Infractions and sanctions

Next Date of the Course: