Today, our companions Pepe and Chema hen state in the program of Juanma Herrera de Radio Estepona Television speaking of our new courses for the obtaining of the professional card for the construction, the membership card of applicator of plant health products and our new contest “cursoporlacara”.

The new course that will in center distribute of Studies Place the Flowers (Estepona) with which you can obtain the professional card of the construction that is asking the workers of the construction and the wood at the time of finding a a new job.

The new course for the obtaining of the membership card plant health product applicator of which already the first group has closed itself and that podeis to point you at the second and that is obligatory for those gardeners, farmers, etc. who need to use this product type.

Finally, it has been spoken of the Cursoporlacara contest that is being carried out through Twitter and Facebook and in that it is possible to be participated until the 31 of May of 2013.

Podeis to listen to the complete interview here: