In the months of summer you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge of computer science, so that you can use it in the studies.

You will be able to choose, according to the base of computer science that each student has, between applications who helps you in texts, presentations in class, ordenografía, digital design, adjustment of photographies,… or to make your own webpage or your blog.

Directed a:

The course is thought for students of mainly Primary and E.S.O.

With the help of the professor, you will choose your schedule and the matter that adapts more to your needs.



Monday through Friday of 11:30 h to 12:30 h

CONSULT to US in case one does not adjust well to your schedule (it can have other options).

Prices and Monthly instalments:


2h/semana monthly instalment — 45€ (unique payment of 2meses, 85€) (unique payment of 25 June to the 7 Sep., 105€)

3h/semana monthly instalment — 63€ (unique payment of 2meses, 120€) (unique payment of 25 June to the 7 Sep., 150€)

4h/semana monthly instalment — 77€ (unique payment of 2meses, 150€) (unique payment of 25 June to the 7 Sep., 180€)

5h/semana monthly instalment — 88€ (unique payment of 2meses, 170€) (unique payment of 25 June to the 7 Sep., 210€)