In the months of summer , with our “COURSE OF COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES”, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge the programs of management accounting, invoicing and warehouse, and used lists and social insurances more in the companies: CONTAPLUS, FACTURAPLUS and NOMINAPLUS, versions Elite.


It requests but information without commitment”

Directed a:

The course is thought mainly for students who own previous knowledge of the matters countable and labor, and want to learn to use them in the used and complete computer science applications more of the enterprise world.

When finalizing the course, you will be able to elaborate all the countable documentation, of warehouse, invoicing and of human resources of a company. You will be preparation to be able to take the management of a company in the 4 scopes (human accounting, invoicing and warehouse, and resources), of professional and computerized form.


70 hours school