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Course of Technician of Prevention of Basic Level

To whom it goes directed the course

At the moment the presence of a Preventive Resource in each construction site is being demanded, which will not have to leave the work at any moment. Therefore, the necessity arises to name to a person as preventive resource.

A person becomes Preventive Resource realising a course of Technician of prevention of basic level.

Validity of the Course:

The value of the degree is recognized by the V the General agreement of the construction as technician of prevention of labor risks of basic level. What means that allows to perform the function of preventive resource in construction sites.

In all work the presence of a preventive resource by each company contractor that there is, in some companies is obligatory contractors even demand by means of contract the appointment and is present at of a preventive resource to each company subcontracts that it must in work to be able to enter her.

This formation also is a requirement for the one in charge of work and all that one other person or since it tries to take with himself functions of security in construction sites.

Characteristics of the course:

The duration of the course is of 60 hours distributed of the following form:

  • 20 hours welfare
  • 40 hours at a distance

NOTE: The accomplishment of this course confirms the 14 common hours for the later accomplishment of any specific course by office of 20 hours.

Price of the course

The price of the course for individuals is of 180€

Next Date of the Course:

18 of February of 2017