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Welcome to Find That Rose … the website.

This website is based on the variety nursery section of the 31st Annual Publication Find That Rose. This year for the first time there is a fall in the number of varieties featured. Part of this is due to the demise of one or two growers, who had interesting lists. Some included a large number of varieties, many old ones that have now disappeared from production.
There is an ever increasing interest in containerised roses. These are mostly sold spring and summer, so if you are looking for plants during spring and summer 2013 this Edition should be used with caution as it reflects roses being sold from autumn 2013. If the Grower listed the variety you are interested in their autumn 2013/Spring 2014 catalogue and or the 31st Edition of Find That Roses they may well have it in a container.
Find That Rose, the guide for rose lovers is now in its 31st year. This website is based on the variety and Growers details, and also gives you planting and care advice.
There are roses for every situation. Breeders over the last decade or so have increased the choice with Patio/Courtyard climbers...suitable for the smaller gardens where taller and wider climbers are just too big.

Patio roses are slightly taller and bushier than miniature roses. They are an ideal replacement and less labour intensive than bedding plants, and are also popular in permanent containers...

Low maintenance Ground Cover roses, which can be allowed to cover unsightly areas, banks etc.

There are now many modern shrub roses on the market under various headings, such as the "English" and Renaissance Roses, which in general are healthier than older shrub roses. They are repeat flowering, mostly very fragrant and their height can often be controlled by pruning. However Find That Rose! Still contains all the historic old shrub roses

Most modern bush roses have longer flowering periods than their predecessors. Breeders now put disease resistance as a high priority.

Roses are not hard work. If the area is prepared well, and you remember that like people they need to be fed they will give years of pleasure.

Finally, there is a rose with a suitable name for a gift for every occasion. What nicer than a Gift of a Rose!

The Book Find That Rose is designed to:

Help you find the rose of your choice
To help you contact specialist Rose Growers and suppliers
Discover who supplies roses mail order
Advise you which rose growers export
Help retailers and local authorities find a wholesale grower

Details of the 31st Edition of Find That Rose….. the book:

Listing approx.  3,550 varieties available in the UK Approximately 200 new varieties listed in the 31st Edition.
46 growers/suppliers featured.
New for the 31st Edition - Dates of Variety Introductions.
Help in tracing a variety with a particular Christian name, or one for a special event.
Details on where you can see roses in bloom this summer.
All this and a Rose Discount voucher towards purchases of roses from select members.
To get the full pictures… i.e. the Book Find That Rose see request a Brochure

Also now available is a download, see order coupon

Enjoy our 31st edition of Find That Rose!

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Rose of the Year 2014 - Lady Marmalade
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